Blockchain technology heralds a new era for gaming and helps gamers. Since its launch, thousands of games have leveraged this versatile innovation to great effect. This sector has a lot to offer, be it relatively new games like Bitcoin Crash, Bitcoin gambling games, or familiar names like Wheel, Roulette, and Blackjack. The best crypto games are billion-dollar enterprises with huge user bases. Such is the power of the blockchain to transform crypto gambling, gaming, and credit to its unique benefits. It is these benefits that attract gamers from all over the world. These are some of them:  

Better Security 

Blockchain technology can secure a gaming ecosystem better. Users can secure their virtual assets against trading on the black market because the immutable ledger prevents duplication. Accordingly, users can own and trade virtual goods. The tragedy of working hard and paying for in-game items only to be counterfeited on the black market by fraudsters is minimised. Smart contract technology allows the best crypto games to have confident gamers who are sure to hold and transact authentic items. This sense of security is vital to developing crypto gambling and gaming.  

Better Payment Processing For Crypto Gamers

Established gaming companies are notorious for expensive fees and time-wasting transactions. Blockchain gaming reduces costs and makes payments faster. Blockchain platforms can process payments instantly, no matter how small the payments are. Users don’t need the bureaucracy of credit or debit card companies, which come with fees. The decentralised nature of the blockchain means that users have insignificant gaming costs. Processing micro-payments allows users to even sell their software without needing app stores. A platform like BC.GAME operates a Bitcoin Lightning Network node to make payment processing more efficient. Therefore, crypto gamers can make in-game purchases more efficiently. In crypto gambling, this edge comes in handy. Transferring micro-payments directly between users and developers ensures that the entire gaming experience is more efficient and empowering. 

Gamers to Have Full Control over Their Virtual Assets

Decentralisation is a powerful concept. The mainstream gaming industry often stores gaming assets in centralised servers to prevent duplication. Accordingly, gamers in such ecosystems don’t own any of the assets they purchase and cannot trade their assets outside the game. The essence of the blockchain is to facilitate the exchange of virtual assets. Making virtual assets decentralised has greatly given gamers more control over their virtual assets. The peer-to-peer interaction on the blockchain makes it better for gamers than centralised models. In the future, the exchange of virtual assets across different games may be an actual possibility. This will enhance the gaming experience across the board. 

Instant Worldwide Crypto Exchanges

Blockchain gaming is global. Gamers from all over the world congregate on digital platforms to game and trade digital assets seamlessly. In traditional gaming, the lengthy processing times for gamers in different countries make cross-border interaction inefficient. Blockchain technology facilitates exchanges without regard for borders and processing bureaucracy.  

Fueling Game Development

Gamers with the skills and the ideas needed to create their games have an equalising tool in the blockchain. The ICO boom saw an unprecedented injection of capital into crypto startups. Even though this crowdfunding model has declined, developers have more ways to create and raise capital for their games. Blockchain-related games have exploded in the past few years. The fact crypto games allow users to build up value in the form of crypto tokens helps fuel this rise. The gaming development boom facilitated by the blockchain will likely go even higher as the industry matures.  

Gamers Get Dividends and Can Vote In Development Processes

Decentralisation makes gaming platforms more democratic. In centralised gaming platforms, gamers often complain about some features of the game. Unfortunately, they have no control over the direction and upgrades of the game. Blockchain gaming is based on community participation. Users have the incentive to participate in decision-making processes on most platforms. Besides, crypto games utilising staking to raise new tokens allow some gamers to earn dividends from the gaming ecosystem.  

The Crypto Tokens 

This is an advantage unique to the crypto ecosystem. Users can collect gaming tokens and store or trade them, representing actual value. Crypto tokens and in-game items can also appreciate and make users make profits. In 2017, CryptoKitties gamers greatly appreciated the value of their in-game items and realised great returns. These crypto tokens represent value, and a user can build wealth on these crypto gaming platforms. 

To Wrap It Up

In summary, the blockchain offers tremendous possibilities to users. Gaming greatly benefits from the decentralisation and commerce facilitation that the blockchain adds. The result is gamers who can create, trade, and monetise their ideas better. Even the sheer gaming experience is a notch higher because of better participation. Ultimately, this is a sector with no ceiling because it is still in its relative infancy. The future of blockchain gaming is beset with possibilities.