If you are new to CS:Go betting online and want to learn how to make money with Counter-Strike: Global offensive. This guide is a detailed explanation of how to win, based on advice from successful bettors and our own experience of the CS:GO gambling world.

The whole process can feel intimidating if you are new to online betting. Hundreds of teams, confusing odds, and dozens of sites claiming to be the best places to bet your money or skins.

Luckily, a myriad of in-game variables, nuanced skills, and detailed statistical evidence give even the savviest Counter-Strike fans a golden opportunity to win real cash.

Steps To Starting

  • Visit a reputable site from our list of CS:GO betting sites.
  • Sign up on the site.
  • Credit your account with balance.
  • Claim any site bonuses offered.
  • Choose a game to bet on, such as CS:GO
  • Try out different types of bets and find the best odds for you. 

Betting On CS:GO

Given the game’s structure, CS:GO betting is not inherently different from mainstream team-based sports betting. Betting works the same way, as Team A will play Team B in a win-lose-tie scenario.

You can bet on the outcome (who will win the match). This is known as the money line. The odds offered reflect the team’s perceived strength based on past win/loss records and situational factors. Your payout is your stake multiplied by the odds. 

Since the game consists of individual maps, you can bet not only on the winner of each map but also on the winner of the entire game. Since the maps vary and some teams are stronger than others, the odds to bet on CS:GO maps do not always reflect perfect game odds.

In addition to betting on match winners, eSports betting sites also offer handicap bets.

Betting Tips For CS:GO Players

Whether you bet your first dollar or a large bet, the principles are the same. We have taken the time to do extensive research on the topic and applied our expertise boiling it down to a few key takeaways.

You Win Some. You Lose Some.

The first tip for any gambling avenues you choose to explore is knowing that you cannot win every bet. Some players lose and start blaming the team, the website, or the person who gave them the advice. Even worse, they change a strategy that has worked all along.

You should know that every bet you place is a risk. Even the best, most profitable long-term winners have losing streaks. Keep your cool and understand that volatility exists within your means.

Take The Time To Research The Teams

Here are the three most important things to learn about the teams before betting:

  • Team history – are they a volatile team? Are they consistent? How do they perform on certain maps?
  • Win %
  • Head-to-Head Matchups
  • Tournament Performance

Get Involved By Watching Games

It goes without saying that the best esports bettors are game enthusiasts. You can learn a lot about Counter-Strike by watching games and collecting data. Watch as many games as possible to get a feel for the game. Statistics don’t tell you how well NBA players listen to teammates or how effective the defence is, or how well the team performs under pressure. To get this information, it’s best to watch the games. 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive characters.
Betting on CS:GO tournaments.

Top CS:GO Tournaments To Bet On

For those interested in betting on CS:GO, it’s always good to know which events are the biggest. In terms of spectatorship and betting pools, the events listed below appear to be the most favorable for the bettors. Do some research on the fixtures of the CS:GO calendar, and be sure to get your bet on and tune in. 

  • ESL Pro League
  • ESL One
  • IEM
  • BLAST Premier Series

CS:GO Gambling With Skins

The massive popularity of legal CS:GO betting has grown tremendously from the skins community of this game. During 2015 and 2016, the skin betting community amassed impressive betting numbers. Skin games are the reason sports policy started including eSports markets on their online betting platforms. As for where betting with skins stands now, it is not legal. 

Is Betting On Sports Legal In The US? 

Real money CSGO betting sites are safe and legal to use. However, skin gambling sites are not. For those interested in legit CSGO betting online, here is what to look out for. A fully licensed site with the best odds and a variety of betting options. Anything else can (and probably will) cause mishaps in the future. Stay safe and bet CSGO online the legal way!


With all this in mind, now is your chance to aim and shoot! CS:GO has just begun to flourish in the online gambling world, and with the pace of the market, it seems there is still plenty more to come. Take your shot by placing a bet!