The sports industry continues to grow thanks to massive tournaments attracting millions of fans’ global viewership. One of the biggest sports today is futsal. It has a popular betting scene with fans who love to place a futsal bet to show their support for their favourite player and team. 

Starting your online betting journey can be challenging if you are a new futsal punter. Reading a guide is one of the best ways to learn about the various futsal odds and markets you must consider to place wise bets. To help you get started, here is a futsal betting guide by BC.GAME:

What is Futsal?

One of the most important steps to learning futsal betting for beginners is knowing the game’s origin. Futsal is an indoor football game and a popular sport recognised by the European and World Football Associations. Futsal derives from the Portuguese term ‘futebol de salao’ and the Spanish term for indoor soccer ‘futbol de sala’. 

Research points out that South America was the birthplace of futsal in the early 20th century. South American players’ skills and playing styles, especially Brazilian-style football, are widely credited as the inspiration for futsal.

The main feature of futsal is a size-4 leather ball which is slightly smaller than the one used in most football leagues. The court is hard and marked with lines to indicate the playing area. Although there are many similarities between futsal and football, the sport is more fast-paced and intense due to the small court used.

Futsal betting odds

Since futsal is a dynamic and fast-paced game, the direction of a match can shift fast, such as the goalkeeper being replaced or an unexpected goal happening. For every online punter, one of the first factors to consider is the futsal betting markets accompanied by betting odds.

These odds show how likely an event will happen in a match or tournament. They also show punters how much the payout will be once the bet succeeds, regardless of the format. Three of the most common futsal betting odds formats you’ll encounter are:

  • Fractional odds → These futsal match odds format comes with (/) or a hyphen (-). In fractional odds, the favourite team is represented by the one whose numerator is less than the denominator. The underdog is the team whose numerator is larger than its denominator. In fractional odds, odds of 6/1 (six to one) mean you can win $6 for every $1 bet you place.
  • Moneyline odds → In this format, the underdog is marked by a plus sign (+), while the favourite is marked by a minus sign (-). To calculate moneyline odds, multiply the wager by the result of dividing the moneyline odds by 100.
  • Decimal odds → Decimal odds are also known as European odds. In these odds, the higher the number a team gets, the lesser their chance of winning. The lowest number represents the team with a higher chance of winning. To compute decimal odds, multiply your stake by the decimal odd (stake x decimal odd = total profit).

Types of futsal bets

The kinds of bets in futsal are also referred to as the betting markets provided by the online sportsbook. Just like in other sports, betting markets refer to various futsal prediction events in a match or tournament. To help you know more about what each betting market entails, here are some of them:

Match betting

Match betting simply means placing bets on any futsal game based on your prediction of how the match will unfold. 

There are two types of match betting: full-time results and half-time results. The first is a bet on the home team or the away time to win. Meanwhile, a half-time result means you are betting on which team will be winning at half-time.


Handicap betting

Handicap betting or Asian handicap refers to betting on a game with one team given a fixed advantage. This betting market is often found at futsal and football events. The term handicap means that one of the competing teams has more advantage or fictional deficit.

Handicap betting eliminates the possibility of a game ending in a draw. The underdog team with a handicapped advantage is represented by a positive (+) symbol, whereas the favourite team with a handicapped disadvantage is represented by a negative (-) symbol.

Over/under betting

The over/under bet means you need to predict the total amount of goals scored in a match. For instance, if Portugal and Spain are playing for the UEFA Championship, you can wager that the total number of goals scored will be over 2.5 based on the odds provided by the bookmaker. 

Outright betting

Outright bets are also known as long-term bets that predict the winner or outcome of a competition over a series of games. Most season-long outright bets are made at the beginning of the season.

Futsal betting tips

A comprehensive futsal betting guide includes top futsal betting tips that will help you place wise bets and boost your odds of winning. An effective futsal betting strategy must not be intricate for it to work. 

It can be as simple as setting a budget to avoid overspending. To help you have the best futsal match betting experience, here are some helpful tips you can do:


One of the essential futsal prediction tips is to do your research. The more information you can learn about the team and player competing in a game, the more you can place wise bets. Find out about player transfers, injury reports, and previous game stats before making your predictions and bets in futsal.

Going with your hunch can seem easier, but betting with proper knowledge can boost your odds of winning. When researching, you can also analyse the most recent games and players’ stats to narrow your list of the best teams and players to bet on. 

Check the odds

Since futsal is a fast-paced indoor game, the odds of the match can change instantly. This is why always checking the odds and comparing them before placing bets is crucial. Doing so lets you predict which team has more chance of winning. 

Watch the match

Watching a live match is not only entertaining but can also help you learn more about the game when engaging in live betting. It may sound simple, but you need a keen eye on what’s happening in the game. 

Never chase your losses

One of the most important tips for futsal betting is never to chase your losses, especially when you’re on a losing streak. This means that once you start losing, don’t try to win back your bets by placing more wagers. That is why it is best to set a budget to avoid overspending and to know when to stop or take a break from betting. 

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Do you still want to learn more about futsal betting? Learn about futsal betting with these frequently asked questions:

How to bet on futsal?

You can bet on futsal online by choosing a renowned online bookmaker, signing up, and depositing money into your casino account. 

Where can I bet on futsal?

One of the best online bookmakers that offer the best futsal odds and markets in BC.GAME. At BC.GAME, you will get access to the best futsal betting options and a variety of copayment methods to take advantage of.

Is it possible to bet on futsal?

Yes. At online bookmakers like BC.GAME, you can engage in futsal betting.