Online casinos are a lot of fun, especially when you get to take home exciting prizes! Aside from having a lot of games, several online casino bonuses can boost your winning chances. 

BC.Game allows you to have a great time without breaking the bank. More often than not, you have to meet wagering requirements. These bonuses are a remarkable feature of online casinos, unlike in land casinos, where you can only get them if you’re a VIP. 

Additionally, there are several bonuses you can get. With that, here are the bonuses you need to know: 

For new bettors: Welcome bonuses 

Many online casinos provide a welcome bonus package to boost the beginning of your betting journey. This type of bonus is a thank-you gift from the casino that aims to show you their gratitude for signing up with the site. With this casino bonus, you will want to explore their roster of games and special features, so you can use them.

At BC.Game, you can earn as much as a 300% deposit bonus if you place a minimum deposit of $10 within your first 20 minutes on the site. 

For additional perks: Deposit bonuses 

Deposit bonuses provide additional credits to your account. Depending on your playstyle, you can use them to increase the number of your wagering limits or the number of bets you want to place. 

Generally, you can take advantage of different percentages for deposit bonuses, depending on what the site offers. Here’s what you can earn from your first four deposits at BC.Game: 

  • 1st deposit → up to 180% 
  • 2nd deposit → up to 200% 
  • 3rd deposit → up to 220% 
  • 4th deposit → up to 240% 

For regular and consistent bettors: Loyalty bonuses 

Online casinos show a deep appreciation for players who consistently play on their site through loyalty bonuses, allowing them to move up a particular set of rankings that rewards more prizes. 

At BC.Game, you can move up their unique loyalty program, the Master Medals. There are 21 categories that you should meet to earn a medal as you play on the site. 

BCD is an on-site currency that stands for BC Dollar. Upon achieving five medals, you can earn 20 BCD. You will then get another 800 BCD upon getting ten medals, 2400 BCD for 15 and 10000 BCD for 20 medals. Each of these is equal to 1 USD, which you can use to play more games

For the dedicated players: VIP bonuses  

Aside from ranking in the Master Medals, you can also qualify for a stunning VIP program at BC.Game. If you are a VIP, you are entitled to an unforgettable experience granting you the best online casino bonuses the higher you are in rank. With tremendous rewards that elevate your gaming experience, you will have a great time the more you play on the site. 

Several perks come with being a VIP. Among them are: 

  • A unique VIP transfer program
  • An exclusive VIP Host 
  • Free coins every day
  • Secret treasures
  • Special bonus codes
  • A chance to win luxurious trips, elegant suite stays, or invitations to exclusive parties

By moving up the VIP levels, you also get a chance to unlock other outstanding features and bonus types. 

Bonuses to earn free money: Rakebacks 

Rakes are the amount of money the site directly makes from its players. The site takes a small cut for every bet you make as their revenue.

With rakeback bonuses, you can get a percentage of the money that the house takes in rake. It gives you a chance to get a certain percentage of that amount back with every bet you make. Simply put, this works as a cashback. 

Some sites don’t offer rakebacks but at BC.Game, you can enjoy continuous rebates once you unlock it at VIP level 14.

To recuperate from losses: Recharge bonuses

Recharge bonuses are calculated based on your wagering records and the losses incurred for the past seven days—another factor that BC.Game will consider is your VIP level. You are entitled to this bonus if you are already on VIP level 22 or above. Then, you can redeem it for the next seven days, especially if you have wagered $1000. 

You can split this bonus throughout the week, depending on your set intervals. You may set it to: 

  • Daily → collect once every 24 hours
  • Hourly → can collect up to 24 times a day 
  • Flash charge → collect up to 144 times a day

For the fun-seekers: Special bonuses 

Aside from the classic bonuses you usually encounter in online casinos, BC.Game guarantees you will have fun on the site with their unique rewards. Instead of just meeting the wagering requirements and increasing your player status level, you can also win prizes through the site’s mini-games. Some of these are: 

Task hub 

Task hub is one of the unique offers you can get on the site. As the name suggests, this gives you a list of tasks that you should accomplish. You will accumulate points for each job, and they’ll help you unlock more BCD rewards as you continue to play on the site. These tasks refresh every day, thus giving you something more to look forward to on the site. 

Each task has a corresponding reward you can claim. Aside from the daily tasks, you can try doing the weekly tasks as well since it has numerous perks. 

Lucky spin 

Every day, you get one lucky spin that has exciting prizes! The wheel has several segments on it, and each one has a corresponding prize. Unlike other wheels that may have blank spots, the wheel you’ll find on the site guarantees you thrilling prizes no matter how the game turns out. Even if you’re a new player, you can win as much as 1 BTC per spin. 

The higher your playing level is, the better the prizes. Increasing your rank also allows you to upgrade the Lucky Spin wheel to a Super Spin or a Mega Spin! 

Roll Competition 

Another exciting mini-game you can try is the roll competition which you’ll have daily access.  

To join the competition, click the ‘roll’ button and wait for three numbers to show up. The higher it gets, the better chances you have to win. You only have one chance in this game as well, so you need to hope that lady luck is on your side so the results will be close to 999 since only the top 10 will receive rewards.

Every day, the reward you can receive varies amid the different cryptocurrencies available on the site. 

Where is Coco Bonus 

Every six hours, BC. Game’s Coco will randomly appear on the site for a few minutes. Try to find him as much as you can and click on him to get a reward. The bonuses will vary in terms of amount and currency. You also have to keep in mind that the rewards are bigger if your VIP level is higher. 


If you’re active in the chat room, this bonus is perfect for you. Six players in the chat room will be randomly selected and will be rewarded accordingly. The rewards will vary in terms of currencies and amounts. 

The six lucky players will be selected with the help of the rain algorithm. This means you’ll have a higher chance of getting the reward if you send more messages in the chat. After the system has picked its winners, all rain information will be sent to the chat room by the robots. 

What are the other types of bonuses?

Aside from the usual bonuses at BC.Game, there are other bonus types you can make the most out of on the site. Here are some of them:

Free spins

Free spins are one of the most common bonuses you can get, as they are often included in welcome bonuses or given in the form of rewards. They are also known as bonuses that are the easiest to acquire. This type of bonus is made for slot games

There are different types of free spins. Some can be used for any slot game, while others were made for specific game titles. Regardless of what type of free spin you get, you can have a great time as it lets you claim the prizes from the rounds you’ve played with them.

No-deposit bonuses

Several online casino bonuses are claimable upon meeting wagering requirements without making deposits to give you a free credit balance increase.

No-deposit bonuses are simply free online casino credits that you may use to play your favourite games. Usually, they are offered to new players or inactive players who re-signed in with their accounts.

Surprise bonuses 

Another type of bonus that you might encounter is surprise bonuses. Some give them away daily, weekly, or monthly. Other sites, on the other hand, frequently provide these bonuses if you log in on a particular day of the week or during a holiday.

To make the most out of this bonus, you’ll have to fulfil specific wagering conditions. More often than not, regular players tend to receive better rewards from these. 

Make the most of any online casino bonus with these tips! 

Aside from learning more about the bonuses, it is also important that you know how to use the bonus wisely. With that, here are some tips that will help you maximize them: 

  • Always check for special offers 

Many sites have surprise bonus drops. Make it a habit to regularly check the rewards page to ensure you don’t miss incredible bonus opportunities.

  • Read the terms and conditions 

Each online casino has a set of rules on how you can properly use their bonuses. Make sure to browse through the terms and conditions so you’ll know how you can be a responsible player. 

  • Check the bonus validity 

Bonuses are prize boosters you should use as soon as possible since most of them are available only for a limited time. Always check the validity of the bonuses you’ve claimed so you can use them while you still have them since you wouldn’t want to miss an amazing offer because you forgot about it. 

  • Use bonuses as much as you can 

Accept the bonus offers and use them on your favourite games as much as you can. This way, you’ll get more opportunities to play and win your favourite games, even without spending a fortune. 

These are just some facts that you need to know to make the most out of the bonuses you can earn at BC.Game. There is no doubt that bonuses are something you can always look forward to. It’s always a great idea to learn more about them and how you can use them wisely. That way, you can win more without having to spend more!