Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Day Trader

Hey I’m Sasha Evdakov and this video I want to share with you in the advantages and disadvantages behind being a day trader. If you want to trade stocks and looking to become a day trader, it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into and the advantages and the disadvantages. So in case you want to change and become a swing trader, then you’ll at least know the reason behind it.

First off, a day trader is someone that holds a stock or position less than a day which is 6 ½ hours, since the trading day last 6 ½ hours. So you can hold it for 20 minutes, you can hold it for an hour, you can hold it for five hours.

It’s totally up to you, you can hold if for a minute. It doesn’t matter, but it’s less than a full day. That’s what a day trader is and that’s what they do. Where as a swing trader holds a position for multiple days, two, three days, a week, a month. For longer term position.

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