Here’s PART 2 of a crypto interview with AION & Open Applications Network founder, Matt Spoke. BlockchainBrad & Matt talk even more about how AION branched to build OAN in an effort to create more frictionless tech to enable a network of economies to flourish today. We also talk about staking, real use cases, underlying economic rationale, enterprise solutions and building & providing bridging tech tools for today. So what Are Open Apps? The OAN is a public infrastructure that creates a new design space for Open Applications. Open Apps are programs that put users back in control and are universally accessible across platforms. Using Open Apps, developers can hook into existing platforms like Uber, Shopify, Twitch and create new breakthrough experiences.
0:33 OAN recap + OAN talk
1:58 Utility & Roadmap
4:44 Mainstream Feedback recently
6:00 Goals in 2020
6:35 Beyond the bubble: Biz Dev & marketing
8:50 Enterprise Adoption & Real Applications
10:15 Node/Validators since hardfork Nov 15.
11:00 Staking Stats
13:00 Staking pools. 31 with 5+ soon!
13:50 Incentives of OAN’s staking model
15:00 Underlying economic changes. Block reward. Flat 3%
16:30 Global support (reg.). SEC/CFTC
17:20 open source, decentralised design
19:10 Economic paper reference
20:00 Usage will the driver of incentives.
20:40 AION clarification. AION bag holders not forgotten
22:00 Verticals of focus
22:40 Open Economy, what’s the meaning & agenda?
25:00 Hints about some key enterprise moves
25:30 3 categories of companies working with OAN
27:40 Developer interest
30:11 3rd Category.. more discussion
31:00 Competitors
32:45 problem driven, use-driven
33:20 not pursuing Ethereum’s approach
44:00 Successful apps are required
34:50 Raising capital?
35:27 AION/OAN dates and runway
36:30 No shareholders, no stock, no equity
38:00 closing statements
39:25 Matt’s final words.
40:00 What’s coming: AION/OAN is investing in PRIVACY
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I have not invested in AION but I have known Matt since just before he started the AION ICO. This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in the AION/OAN teams. #DYOR always.
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