Online gambling platforms have to make constant adjustments to optimize the gamer experience. This task involves finding the right partnerships to move the crypto gambling casino forward. Accordingly, BC GAME has partnered with Playson to deliver this experience. 

The competitive nature of this industry informs such partnerships. At any one time, an online gambling enthusiast has dozens of choices of decent platforms to wager. Picking one is all about which platform standouts out. This edge comes fundamentally from the gaming experience and other secondary considerations such as fees. 

Game providers play a fundamental role in this market. Casino operators provide the right venue for gamers to actualize their gaming experience. Accordingly, game providers do the part of software development and releasing the actual games. Playson is one of the leading game providers in the online gambling sector and has the track record to match.

What is Playson?

Online casinos typically rely on game providers to source quality games. 

Playson has carved out a reputation as one of the leading casino game providers. This company has an extensive footprint globally, and especially in the European market.  

Playson has over 65 Omni-channel casino games that meet the testing and certification requirements of all major European regulated territories. Its central European office is in Malta, which is has a regulatory environment.

Playson’s skilled workforce ensures that the company delivers high-quality games. The unforgettable gaming experiences are what keep online gambling platforms coming back for more. 

Developing the capacity to churn out such beauties requires an efficient team of software developers. 

Some of their games are now household names among gambling faithful. This popularity has allowed Playson to widen its customer base and continue releasing more games. Here are some notable games from Playson:

Playson Feature Games

Some of the platform’s top games include:

  • Treasures of Tombs– this game allows players to descend into ancient Egyptian tombs and mysticism.  Ancient Egypt is a popular theme because of its mystical allure and the treasures associated with that era. 
  • Lucky pirate– you get the picture; set the sails and go on an adventure. 
  • Wolf Power slot game– a slot game that gives players optimal views and the powers of a mystical wolf.
  • Wild Hunter– no one turns down a good hunt. Sharpen your spear and go on a roll.
  • Buffalo power- Just like Wolf power, this game allows you to gain the primal powers of the beast and go on a rampage.

The platform has placed great emphasis on the quality of games they produce. 

This project does not churn out endless games for the sake of it. Their distribution prioritizes the games that have a track record. 

Their marketing is excellent, and most of their partners have certainty of what they are getting.

Creating Games for an Online Environment 

Slot games were a popular attraction in the physical casino era. The sounds, the lights, and the action made for a fun experience. 

Recreating this environment online requires the kind of software specialization that Playson offers. Their video slot games stand out in the online casino market.

One of the breakout innovations of the 21st century is the smartphone. The introduction of smartphones has brought billions of people online. 

This utility has vastly expanded the reach of internet companies. Playson creates their games to be responsive and compatible with mobile devices. These games are fascinating and showcase the creativity of developers. 

The key to the range in terms of compatibility is using the HTML5 programming language that fits seamlessly with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. 

The programming language has allowed their games to be compatible even after Google discontinued its support for Adobe Flash Player. 

Adobe Flash was a significant player in the gaming scene, but its influence has significantly waned. Playson can get flexibility and integration, which is vital in reaching as many customers as possible. 

BC GAME partnered with Playson because of their emphasis on quality as this is part of their mission towards offering a continuous differentiated experience to clients from across the globe. 

Gamers will notice the crisp graphics and innovative video features that are immersive for an unparalleled experience. The gaming content is similarly good because the slot themes are brilliant, colorful, and exciting.

Bonuses and Promotions 

Playson games feature attractive bonuses and promotions to incentive the players. 

These rewards can form a functional building room for crypto gambling enthusiasts. The rewards can be for consistency, loyalty, reaching a certain level, and similar incentives depending on the game. 

Slot games make for some exciting promotions. Some of these promotions include free spins on a Playson slot game. 

These offers are helpful in a slot game where the rewards can be huge. Look out for free bonuses and promotions in their games. 

One can benefit significantly from these rewards. Remember, you have a chance to win crypto that you may appreciate in due course. Such possibilities magnify the allure of these games.

Among some of the advantages are:

  • Playson offers high-quality slot games with captivating gameplay. 
  • The frequent promotions and tournaments improve player engagement. 
  • Quality video poker games reinvent the casino aesthetic. 
  • The company complies with regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions eliminating regulatory concerns. 


Playson has created games that are redefining the online casino experience. 

The essence of this industry is to recreate the physical casino experience that made slot games such a hit with players. 

This company ensures that its production standard is high to compete and outshine other software providers.  

The excellent graphics and audio have made their slot games popular among online casino enthusiasts. BC GAME is proud to add some of these games to the existing options. This partnership will improve the gamer experience and improve the outlook of this platform.