The crypto landscape has hundreds of impressive projects. Crypto gambling platforms attempt to list the most prominent tokens that have the community’s attention. BC.GAME has added BitDAO, one of the more promising projects in this sector. Such is the dynamism of online gambling. There are a variety of fun games and exciting assets to explore. Accordingly, cryptocurrencies occupy a special place in the tech world because they double up as both innovation and a growing financial industry. Wagering using these assets has real promise, with their prices moving in real time.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies don’t rely on the transactional bottlenecks of fiat currencies, which is another attraction. BitDAO seeks to become a hub that will improve the functioning of its Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) and other DAOs. These DAOs operate as community-driven organisations that rely on transparent computerised rules and eliminate centralised control.   

What BitDAO Seeks To Achieve?

This platform offers a collection of on-chain and off-chain governance tools and products to achieve great utility. BitDAO’s treasury management can deploy and manage assets to earn yields, a growing trend in the wider decentralised finance sector. The DAO also intends to prioritise research and product funds. Accordingly, the community plays a vital role in voting for projects that get funding. Additionally, BitDAO is an open platform without centralised control, a feature of traditional organisations. 

Peter Thiel, a notable name in the tech world for co-founding PayPal, has supported this project. Other prominent firms like Pantera, Founders Fund, and Spartan have also come on board. The decentralised platform further has its sights far and wide. The community hopes to collaborate with successful and emergent projects to provide blockchain services. BitDAO conducts token swaps to build treasury allocation that amasses the portfolio of the most valuable coins. Therefore, BitDAO seems to be placing itself at the heart of crypto commerce, much like the Ethereum blockchain

Distinguishing Features of BitDAO

This platform has unique characteristics that have made it an attraction for crypto enthusiasts. They include the following: 

  • Token swaps and co-development efforts allow BitDAO Treasury to track the most popular crypto tokens.
  • The DAO facilitates the creation of essential products that will help other DAOs operate more efficiently.
  • BitDAO provides excellent teams with the means to research and generate blockchain solutions for the crypto sector. 
  • On-chain and off-chain governance systems provide utility to this and other platforms. 

The community allocates resources to develop decentralised finance tokens and support affiliate projects. BIT governance frameworks are vital in charting the future of the BitDAO foundation. Token holders create proposals and the community votes. Some of the defining proposals help accelerate development and chart the course of the entire ecosystem. The goal is to position BitDAO to work with hundreds, if not thousands, of DeFi projects seeking to grow. 


BitDAO Token (BIT)

According to trackers, BIT was changing hands at $3 with a market cap of approximately $1.7 billion. This figure may not be at par with leading cryptocurrencies, but it is still decent for a circulating supply of over 586 million BIT. BIT tokens are available on major exchanges, including SushiSwap, MEXC,, and more. The emergence of decentralised exchanges has improved the utility of this token. In the BitDAO ecosystem, it serves as a governance token that comes with voting and proposal power. The only way to get meaningful participation is to acquire BIT and participate in the decentralised tokenised economy. Every BIT token holder possesses Treasury tokens dependent on their token holdings.

Token holders effectively run the platform and are vital in allocating treasury resources. This tool is vital because the cryptocurrency industry is snowballing, and resource allocation favours projects and ideas with genuine impact. Once a successful proposal and vote go through on the DAO platform, the development teams enact the requisite measures. They include upgrades touching on token swap features provision, deployment of treasury funds, and grants to research programs. Partner initiatives can also get more cash flow to accelerate the achievement of common goals. Token holders can delegate their voting rights to participate in votes when they are unable to participate. This tool promotes the reaching of a broader consensus. Notably, the delegation does not transfer the tokens but only allows the vote to go through in a single instance. 

The Age of DeFi and what it means for Projects

The explosion of DeFi may only be the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, BitDAO seeks to collaborate with projects in this place and gain from the network effect. This strategy relies on building a portfolio with exciting DeFi and crypto ventures.   BitDAO will gain the tailwinds from successful category leaders. The funding of crypto-related research and products makes this platform similar to venture capitalists for crypto startups. Forming new alliances and acquiring assets with high potential can go a long way for BitDAO. The mutual benefit from partners’ success will be the driving theme for the ecosystem shortly. BitDAO encourages consensus, participation, and the reward of innovation. Proposals are of genuine substance, and those that get the community’s approval may be exciting solutions for the entire blockchain space. This project is a unique model for governance participation and devoting resources to the growth of DeFi. 


Promising projects like BitDAO are the essence of crypto. This industry has a foundation of decentralisation and community participation. BIT tokens will continue to grow in value in tandem with the utility of this ecosystem. Crypto gambling enthusiasts on leading portals like BC.GAME have more options on assets to wager, a base for increasing their revenue streams whenever they play any of the offered crypto gambling games. The BIT token, without a doubt, will be at the heart of a growing ecosystem and will be one to watch in the future.