With BC.GAME 3.0, we all saw a new feature: the BC.GAME Deposit Bonus! Are you wondering what it is and how to use it? Read on below to learn more about this crypto casino.

All players (existing and new) can avail themselves of the opportunity to claim 4 deposit bonuses till October 25th, 2021. All you got to do is wager and get BCD rewards. BCD or BC Dollar is the in-house game currency. This is something fascinating! 

A Brand New Exchangeable Game Currency! Many users wanted something exclusive to the platform, which they could exchange and use for transactions fee, rain, coin drops, tips, etc. Thus was born BCD (BC Dollar)! An in-house game currency with a 1:1 USDT exchange rate! The most exciting thing is that the value of 1BCD is bound to the price of 1 USDT, and you can exchange BCD for other currencies at any time. You can get BCD through a deposit bonus or by completing tasks on the brand-new TASK HUB!

To win BCD as a deposit bonus, you just have to wager, and the reward amount will be auto-credited to your account.

With so many BC.GAME bonuses on the cards, we have provided you with insight to ensure you bring home a win. 

BC.GAME Deposit Bonus Guides

Which are the four levels to get a Deposit Bonus?

  1. 1st Deposit: UP TO 180% BONUS
BC.GAME First Deposit Bonus

BC.GAME will match your first deposit with up to a 180% bonus. The minimum deposit amount of $30. 

2. 2nd Deposit: UP TO 180% BONUS:

BC.GAME 2nd Deposit Bonus

A 180% bonus will be instantly credited to you on your second deposit at BC.GAME (minimum deposit amount of $60).

3. 3rd Deposit: UP TO 180% BONUS:

BC.GAME 3rd Deposit Bonus

Gamblers will be rewarded with an instantly credited 180% BONUS on the third deposit (minimum deposit amount of $120)

4. 4th Deposit: UP TO 240% BONUS:

BC.GAME 4th Deposit Bonus

Enjoy a never-before 240% bonus on your fourth deposit! (minimum deposit amount of $150)

Players will need to wager to receive the BC.GAME deposit bonus.

You can deposit any coin of your liking in one single transaction and start receiving the BCD bonus. This BCD Bonus is, however, locked. You can unlock it via wagering. It is calculated with the following formula: Wager * 1%* (20+5)%

Let’s understand with an example:

  1. You make the first deposit of $30
  2. You receive an 80% first Deposit Bonus, i.e. $24
  3. This $24 bonus is added to your BCD account. You can find it under ‘locked’ on your BCD Dashboard under Promotions. This is currently locked, but it is pretty easy to unlock it!
  4. Once you start wagering, this locked BCD is unlocked and released based on the formula, and every two minutes, your BCD value is auto-credited to your wallet.

That’s it! You can play any game of your choice with any coin, and the best part is that all your wagering, including tips, coin drops, shitlinks, other smaller deposits, etc., are all eligible for unlocking and releasing your BCD.

BCD bonus gets accumulated with every deposit you make during the offer period and does not expire. In addition, BCD in itself can not be deposited or withdrawn.

There are also many other BC.GAME bonuses, including the sought-after offer of BC.GAME sweet codes, which act as promo codes giving out a free balance. There are many different crypto casino promotions for Bitcoin gambling sites to offer, and at BC.GAME, the list is long and rewarding. 

To read more about the features, you can click here! With this new launch, BC.GAME is surely raising the bar for provably fair crypto gaming platforms, making it one of the best crypto casinos online!