This week, Blockchain Brad speaks with Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano for PART 2. We finalise our crypto convo about Bitcoin, discussing SoV, MoE, the power of Belief, DeFi, Stablecoins, BTC’s tech value prop and much more! Pomp is an American entrepreneur, investor & bitcoin evangelist. He is also a co-founder and Managing Partner at Full Tilt Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund and Morgan Creek Digital Assets. He is also a well know bitcoin maximalist and vocal speaker promoting/educating about bitcoin’s long term value.

Morgan Creek Digital Assets is a multi-strategy investment firm focused on providing access to blockchain technology and digital assets for institutional clients and wealthy family offices. The firm was founded by Mark Yusko, Jason Williams and Anthony Pompliano. MCBC is backed by Morgan Creek Capital Management, a multi-billion dollar asset manager based in the United States. Pomp writes a daily email newsletter on the blockchain and crypto markets. Pomp also worked for both Facebook and Snapchat as a Growth Lead/Product Manager.
Twitter: @APompliano
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00:49 About bitcoin and Shitcoins
02:33 Are you a supporter of DeFi?
05:22 About the social aspects
08:00 About bitcoin being money
10:47 About the adoption of bitcoin
14:00 Do you feel that bitcoin should be used for coffee at some stage?
16:04 About the potential of bitcoin in the future
18:17 About speculation and it as a use case
20:53 About monetary maximalism
22:27 About scalability and liquidity and their importance
24:10 About censorship resistance
27:30 About stablecoins
29:20 About the code and access as a dev.
32:00 About building on bitcoin
33:20 About privacy and its importance
34:17 About the future of crypto
I have not invested in Pomp’s Fund. This is not Financial Advice. #DYOR always.
This interview, like part 1, was 100% free in every way, not tokens, no under the table deals. I believe that reasonable and fair sponsored or paid content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice.
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