BlockchainBrad speaks with APEX CEO about the next gen. of consumer applications. APEX Technologies lays claim to being a leading data technology and AI company. Headquartered in Shanghai, APEX are focused on developing innovative solutions using a combination of big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to tackle hard problems in customer data, , marketing, and CRM. Their claim: More Private. More Interactive. More Connected. Thanks to the APEX Community for reaching out, happy to help!
Apex timestamps
00:51 What does APEX stand for?
04:45 The value proposition
10:15 About the integration of startups
19:30 About the traceability process
21:00 About the team
26:00 About the revenue
27:30 About partnerships
32:40 About the development of applications
37:00 About the tokenized model & China discussions
44:50 About the token
47:40 About the supernodes
50:30 About the roadmap
52:15 About the initial investor
56:20 About liquidity support
01:00:50 About lockups
01:03:50 About 2020 plans
01:08:25 About the social media presence
01:12:22 About the correlation of value between biz & token
01:16:30 About staking
01:19:00 About accreditation & licenses
01:21:05 About exchanges
01:24:37 About regulations
01:32:30 About the awareness and education of APEX network
01:37:30 Final statements
Enterprise Sidechains
Optimize scalability by seperating enterprise-level workstreams from main network. Scale your own application ecosystems in multiple sidechains.

Two-Fold Consensus
Consensus mechanism designed for atop combination of performance and agility in deploying consumer dApps. Easily transfer assets between the main network (DPOS) and side networks (POS).

Multi-Layered Smart Contracts
Increase the scalability, flexibility, and ease of deployment of smart contracts and dApps via a multi-layered smart contract system, allowing certain components to be stored off-chain.
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