BlockchainBrad Exclusive Update with Arweave CEO, Sam Williams. Arweave’s serverless web system arrived and now they continue to build! Arweave is a new data storage blockchain protocol based on a novel proof of access consensus mechanism that creates truly permanent data. They have created a PermaWeb, which enables you to build websites that live forever on a smart blockchain, all while keeping costs low and speeds high and with a legitimate. utility model, you can own a piece of the new web, mine to drive the tokenised economy and use Arweave tokens for real purpose! PermaWeb is a web any one can own and run, enabling you to permanently host your web apps and pages, simply and quickly. The Permaweb supports all common web processes, languages, and frameworks. Developers, teams, and businesses of all sizes can use the Arweave to deploy, automatically manage, and auto-scale their apps without any headaches, and without ongoing fees and maintenance.
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0:08 Intro
0:34 Sam Williams Intro
1:56 The need for Arweave
2:51 Permaweb
4:01 key features of permaweb
5:42 First App: web extension
7:05 Key Verticals that Aweave applies to
8:06 Attestation use case
9:30 Arweave as the protocol
10:50 Blockweave not blockchain
11:45 Wildfire incentivization system
12:54 Mining, PoW and the imperative of mining
13:30 3x growth in Arweave network
14:00 Real Utility
20:01 Revenue: making real money
21:52 SDK, APIs and extension wallet
22:35 Permaweb is launched
23:12 Team
24:34 Strategy and marketing
27:30 Events, Hackathons, Online & Offline
30:12 Arweave has a native token
30:20 Exchanges & Listings
32:40 legitimacy is paramount
34:13 Raise Recap
35:14 Partners and investors:
35:46 Events: NYC, SF & Paris + Loki & Hakathons
39:04 Sam’s closing statements
I have invested in Arweave. This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in this project. #DYOR always.
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