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  1. As per Coinbase, aren't their "vaults" much safer than their "wallets"?? I want to make paper wallets for my 5 cryptos but am at a loss as to HOW to do it and am hoping my Vaults will keep them safe until I figure it out.

  2. Coinbase lately will not allow me to send btc to my cold storage wallet. On input it says: use a valid address. I tried with 3 different public addresses and it will not send. In past months that was not the case.

  3. Any new updates to wallets Coinbase and they're fees are crippling new users purchase fees sending fees withdraw fees they're no different from the banks. Any suggestions on hot and cold wallets or maybe n explanation of this concept to newer isers

  4. hello there, thanks for this video. I am a fan of your channel. But I have some questions. It's not clear how to access for example my ether wallet after creating it and buying token for example. How can i have an offline wallet were I can purchase and keep my cryptos and tokens safe? If it's not great to keep anything online how do I send ether/bitcoin to buy token on icos? thanks, any advice is much appreciated.

  5. There are so many great videos out there that are completely ruined with background "noise", a.k.a. "music". Please please delete the noisy music noise from your videos. Either give information or give a concert, but doing both at the same time ruins everything you are trying to do.

  6. The implication of cryptocurrency, and how small these channels and view counts are extremely promising. This is a remarkable time to be alive and witness this in it's absolute infancy, and actually be part of it. I'm perplexed, amazed, and happy. Everything good life, health, and happiness! Shadilay ~~

  7. Does coinbase operate like a bank? Meaning, creditors, IRS, etc can find accounts there just like they can find (and attach-levy) regular checking accounts? I read that balances are FDIC insured there, but maybe thats only fiat funds stored outside of Coinbase?


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