Are you ready to end 2021 with a bang? To end this year on a fantastic note, BC.GAME has recently announced the “BC LOTTERY JACKPOT“! Every player can win a massive $100K lottery jackpot by purchasing lottery tickets with BCL Coin!

BC Lottery Jackpot Instruction

1 Lottery Ticket = 1 BCL = $0.1. You can simply use BC Swap to buy BCL coins or even gift someone BCL! Every round of the BC Lottery is provably fair and brings many rewards. Prizes are drawn at 15:00 UTC+0 every day. The sale of tickets stops at 14:50 UTC+0 every day. The player chooses six numbers for each ticket, the first five are from 1 to 36, and the last one is from 1 to 10. You can choose numbers manually or automatically. If you have BCL, you can use BCL to redeem Tickets. Each draw produces six numbers. The more numbers you match in the first five numbers, the greater prize you will win.

BC GAME Announces BC Lottery Jackpot!
BC.GAME Announces BC Lottery Jackpot!

Winning Prize Details:

  • All six numbers matched: $100,000 prize. You may need to equally
  •  share if you are not the only winner.
  • Five numbers are matched, and the sixth number is missed: Each ticket gets a $3,000 prize.
  • Four of the first five numbers matched: Each ticket gets a $20 prize.
  • Three of the first five numbers matched: Each ticket gets a $1 prize.

If all six numbers are missed, the lottery will be reserved for free, and you can continue participating in the next day’s draw.

What is BCL?

BCL (BC Lottery) is a token created by BC.GAME for players who love the lottery. You can use BCL to redeem lottery tickets at any time, with 1 BCL for every lottery ticket.

How to get BCL?

You can exchange BCL through BCSwap at any time, or you may receive BCL from the BC.GAME official community or other players through Gift Link.

Can it be exchanged?

1 BCL = 0.1 USD. You can exchange BCL for other currencies through BCSwap.

Can I gift BCL to others?

Of course, you can send BCL to other players through the Tip function.

What are you waiting for? Hit the Jackpot NOW!