The crypto industry may seem like a jigsaw puzzle. It may look extra at first, but once you understand the role of each entity, it fits together seamlessly. The difference between an aspect like Vault Pro and BC Swap in BC.Game is what makes blockchain gambling tick. Such dynamism helps propel crypto gambling to new heights. Online gambling is about providing as many services as users need. This range offers a competitive advantage for the most innovative platforms. Gamers have picky tastes and will always reward the most convenient services. This story is true for most services in the competitive online environment. Accordingly, BC.Game has invested in these services to enhance the user experience while wagering.  

About BC Swap

The term swap should already give anyone an inclination as to what this is all about. Uniswap is a popular service for decentralised finance (DeFi) users. It essentially allows users to conduct decentralised exchanges of crypto assets. Similarly, BC Swap is all about creating a one-stop shop for users. This feature allows gamers on BC.Game to enjoy instant coin exchange without having to leave the platform. 

The BC Swap tool is right on the gamer’s wallet and offers superior convenience. Users get to cut down on transaction fees. This feature allows them to save as much of their gambling rewards as possible. In the current crypto landscape, crypto transaction fees can be a significant consideration. There have been times this year when Ethereum transaction fees exceeded $30 or even $50 because of the competition that DeFi interest brings to the Ethereum blockchain. This opening creates a much-needed reprieve for users seeking to maximise their wagering. Therefore BC Swap allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies without waiting for review. This platform must comply with regulatory checks governing crypto exchange services. Governments are vested in preventing illicit activities like money laundering on crypto exchange platforms.  

Accordingly, BC.Game has a robust anti-money laundering policy to guide operations on this service. Therefore BC Swap complies with specific disclosure requirements that govern exchange services. These requirements provide a basis for legal transactions that don’t draw regulators, like a drop of blood will attract sharks. This reality sometimes calls for holding certain withdrawals until related procedures go through. Therefore, users have to adapt to some procedural checks to the effect. That said, the platform has consistency and certainty that users have come to appreciate. Once these checks are complete, you can enjoy fast withdrawals and superior gameplay. 


BC Swap Features

Here are some of the salient features of this exchange service: 

  • Users have more than 13 coin pairs to choose from.
  • There is a specific minimum exchange amount that the user can check on the ‘Deposit Minimum’ option. This figure is fair to accommodate most users. 
  • Withdrawals go through an automatic process that enforces all the checks for compliance purposes. The process can take a few minutes depending on factors like blockchain confirmations and the network workload. 
  • Users can attain faster results by avoiding sending multiple coins to the same address. 

What is BC.Game Vault Pro?

Traditional banking could take a few cues from crypto platforms. In 2021, the rewards for having your cash in an account were insufficient, and many considered alternative investments to grow their equity. The Vault Pro is an exclusive BC.Game bank that earns users an annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 10 percent from their deposit. This impressive rate allows users to grow yields from their deposits faster than in standard bank accounts. This function is convenient for a crypto casino because users may strike gold from time to time. The vault feature is straightforward and allows users to grow yield on their holdings. This feature is distinct from standard wallets on those platforms.  

Players can move assets from their main wallet into the vault and hold them there to grow yield. You obviously won’t be able to place bets using the coins in the vault. It would beat the purpose of a vault account to be able to do that. Players can pause after having a winning hand. To quote late country music legend Kenny Rogers, ‘You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to walk away.’ The player can recollect and think twice before making another splurge on the various casino games. Saving some of that coin allows one to develop better management skills and have a buffer.  

There is a need to have a form of a deterrent from liquidating all your winnings again. It works because gamblers must learn to protect themselves from their instincts. For a vault account, you need to have email verification and 2FA. These provide an extra layer of protection for users. 

Crypto accounts always draw all kinds of nefarious accounts because of how lucrative the assets are. Take steps to secure your account because it is one of the crown jewels for a crypto gambler. You earn interest directly from BC.Game’s profits. This account is one of the unique ways that a crypto casino gives back to its loyal players. BC.Game has a solid track record of bonuses and rewards to incentivise its users. These provide players with the right motivation to utilise features like the vault account. A deposit or welcome bonus for wagering inspires loyalty for gamers looking for every extra reward.  

The Big Picture 

BC Swap and Vault Pro make the lives of crypto users much more manageable. The former eases their ability to get their preferred coin on-site, while the latter is a fantastic way to build savings. BC Swap and Vault Pro complement each other perfectly in developing both the gaming efficiency and discipline necessary for success in crypto gambling. They are of immense benefit to users and help make BC.Game the popular platform it is today.