If you’re looking for a casino site that offers various casino games with high return-to-player rates (RTP), BC.GAME is the best place for you. When you play high RTP games for real money on this RTP casino site, expect to claim amazing prizes, win a big profit and have the best betting experience.  

What does RTP mean in gambling?

The return to player (RTP) rate found in casino games is the percentage the game pays back to the RTP player who wagers when they engage in online gambling. However, the RTP does not tell you exactly how much you will win. Rather, it represents the percentage that the online casino RTP gives back to its player for a long period. 

Casino RTP vs casino house edge

The difference between the house edge and RTP is that the former refers to the advantage of the casino and is the average amount that the casino gets. On the other hand, the RTP is the percentage that the player gets back from playing casino games RTP. 

For instance, a live casino RTP game has a return to player rate of 96%. This means the 4% is the house edge. For every bet you make, the casino takes 4% of each bet.

How does RTP work in a casino?

A game’s virtual RTP is calculated based on the possible rewards a player can get when they wager in an RTP game. The concept of RTP is to know the likelihood of winning in your casino game of choice over time to make your online gaming experience worthwhile. 

How is RTP calculated?

Now that you know what an RTP online casino is, it’s time to learn how the RTP rate is calculated. By learning how RTPs are calculated, you’ll better understand how this could affect the total amount of money players win when they palace bets. As mentioned, the RTP of a casino game is a ratio or percentage (%) based on the payouts made to the winner.

The average payout percentage of a given RTP casino online game is determined by analysing the game’s historical performance and turnover figures in terms of player wins. The RTP in casino games is calculated by dividing the player’s total earnings by the amount wagered and multiplying the result by 100%.

RTP casino games

The highest RTP slots have a calculated theoretical payout percentage higher than most virtual casino games. One of the reasons why players love to play RTP gambling slots is that they are easy and simple games of chance. Know more about RTP slots below:

RTP slots 

RTP slots are online RTP casino games derived from slot machines found in land-based casinos. The best slot game features unique themes and different paylines that make the game more fun and engaging. Each slot game produced by popular gaming developers has a different RTP gambling percentage that players should consider. 

What are high RTP casino slots?

A player who enjoys winning big should place bets on the highest RTP online casino slots to win big. High RTP casino slots are those that pay bigger compared to the usual slots. With more spins, you will likely hit the jackpot due to the high return-to-player percentage.


RTP live casino

Slot games are not the only highest RTP casino games you can play. There are also RTP live casino games that you can choose from, such as live dealer blackjack and baccarat table games. Just like other RTP games, a live casino game also has a house edge and RTP. Live casino games are a popular option for many punters because each game has a unique wager type, varying odds, and winning probability.  

Roulette RTP

Roulette RTP is a popular table game with an average RTP of 94.7%. The goal in roulette games is to bet which colour will come up on the dice. 

Baccarat RTP

Baccarat RTP is one of the most popular live dealer games, with an average RTP of 98.94%. To win, you have to bet on the best hand with the closest total of nine.

Craps RTP

Craps RTP is another game of chance with an average RTP of 99.68%. In online craps, all you have to do is to guess the outcome of each dice roll correctly. 

Blackjack RTP

Blackjack RTP is a popular live dealer game with an average RTP of 99.54%. The game’s goal is to get a hand value closest to 21 without going over. 

Poker RTP

Poker RTP is a simple game wherein players are given a pair of hole cards and chips. The goal is to win the pot that contains all the bets made by other players.

Highest RTP online casino games at BC.GAME

At BC.GAME, you can play various casino games with high RTP for real money that boosts your chance of winning. Most of the offered games at the site have a high hit frequency that promises bigger wins and returns. When gambling for real money, it’s crucial to remember only to play games that you know well to avoid losing too much.

To get you started on your casino RTP gaming, here are some of BC.GAME’s most popular casino RTP games that you should play are:

Plinko – BC Originals

Plinko is among BC Originals with an RTP of 99%. This game uses a board with pegs and a ball that players must drop on the top of the pyramid. Your price is determined by the location of where the ball lands. 

Blackjack – BC Originals

BC.GAME’s original blackjack boasts an RTP of 99.52%. This game follows the same mechanics as the classic blackjack game but with even better and bigger prizes.

Book of 99 – Relax Gaming

Book of 99 is a slot game with an RTP of 99%. The game features a unique Ancient Greek theme that many players enjoy. 

Baccarat – SA Gaming

SA Gaming’s Baccarat has an RTP of 98.94%. It can be played on PC and mobile devices and features the same game mechanics as the classic baccarat game.

Speed Auto Roulette – Evolution

Evolution’s Speed Auto Roulette boasts an RTP of 97.30%. It follows the same gameplay as classic roulette but at a faster pace. 

Classic Dice – BC Originals

Another BC.GAME original is Classic Dice which features an RTP of 99%. It is one of the simplest luck-based games you can play on the site.

Limbo – BC Originals

BC.GAME’s Limbo features an RTP of 99%. You’ll find a rocket called Limbo going high up in this game. You need to accurately predict its explosion time and win big rewards to win.


It’s crucial to consider the RTP in casino games to know how much you could win to have the best gaming experience when betting on BC.GAME RTP casino. Doing this lets you know whether the player RTP of the game is worth your time.


Learn more about RTPs with these frequently asked questions:

How to use RTP to your advantage?

To take advantage of RTPs, always choose a game with a high RTP because the higher an RTP is, the more chances of winning.

​​What is RTP in a casino?

RTP refers to the percentage that the game pays back to the player.

What is a good RTP for slots?

Slots with RTPs that are higher than 95% are good slot games.

Which casino game has the highest RTP?

Lightning Blackjack by Evolution, with an RTP of 99.56%, is one of the casino games with the highest RTP.

Where can I find high RTP slots?

You can play high RTP slots at BC.GAME.

What is the best RTP a casino offers?

The best RTP a casino offers are games with RTPs that are 95% or higher.

Do all casino games have RTP?

Yes, all casino games feature RTP rates..