Regarding popular luck-based casino games, roulette is an absolute classic. The game is loved by many because of its simple gameplay and the various strategies and betting options players can maximise.

Players who want to play the game on land-based and online casinos are free to choose from the wide variety of roulette games available. Although roulette games vary, the game’s basic mechanics remain the same. 

Place your bets on BC.Game and maximise your roulette betting experience. Although roulette is a luck-based casino game, you should still learn its basic rules and try strategies that can boost your chances of winning. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to succeed in roulette: 

How it started

It’s best to start at where and how roulette came to be. Knowing the game’s history will make learning the core and gameplay easier.

French scientist and inventor Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel. Pascal attempted to create a perpetual motion machine in 1655 that could function indefinitely without replenishing its energy supply. When Pascal developed the roulette wheel, he had no intention of ever using it for betting. 

Although Pascal’s initial attempts failed, they inspired the creation of the first roulette wheel that soon developed into a popular casino game. 

Adding zero to the game

Unknown to many, the zero was not part of the roulette wheel until the mid-19th century. It all changed when Lois and Francois Blanc introduced the first-ever roulette wheel with a single zero for the Prince of Monaco, Charles III. 

The roulette game was forever changed thanks to this, as it gave the game a more considerable house edge. Due to the financial strain on his kingdom, the prince opened a casino where people could try their luck at the roulette table. 

Monaco’s wheel was a huge financial success and symbolised Monte Carlo’s high-rolling betting culture. 

Roulette’s debut in the United States

The United States had an undeniable impact on the game of roulette. In the 19th century, European roulette travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to America. Casinos added a second zero to the roulette to give the game a more significant house edge. With that, the American roulette wheel now has 38 numbers. Numbers 1 to 36 and two pockets with a single and double zero. 

How to play roulette

The main features of a roulette table are the wheel, the white ball, and the betting layout. Players will place their bets before the dealer spins the wheel. After each round, the dealer will spin the wheel and put the white ball in the pocket. The winning bet is the ball’s pocket when the wheel stops. 

The roulette game aims to place bets on the number (or colour) you think the white ball will be on. Red and black segments mark the numbers on the wheel. Each time the wheel spins, all bets clear, and a new round begins. 

Punters can place bets on which colour will come up on the dice. In this bet, the correct choice of colour is enough to help you win. An accurate guess of the underlying number is not required to determine how to win in roulette. 

If you think the dice will land on black, you will put your chips on the designated area of the felt. To bet that a certain number will appear, you would put your chips on the felt in the vicinity of that number. 


Tips and strategies to win in roulette

Despite being a game of luck, some efficient tips and strategies will help you boost your gameplay when playing roulette. If you want to win bigger prizes, it is crucial to hone your skills and improve your gameplay. 

To help you get started, here are some tips and strategies that will help you play roulette like a pro: 

Learn the variants

On both online and land-based casinos, you can find various roulette games you can play. Each variation has a slightly different house edge and table arrangement. Knowing the different variations of roulette will help you better plan your strategy and give you an upper hand against other bettors.

Explore combination bets

Bets on the inner table are known as ‘inner bets’ with a minor house edge. If you can’t resist placing an inner bet, it’s best to opt for a combination to boost your odds. Combination bets have two or more different numbers.

You can put a combination bet by betting on a group of lines that connect several numbers, such as a corner that touches four numbers. Combination bets have a higher initial outlay than single-number bets, but they have the chance to increase your winnings over time.

Try outside bets

Roulette allows players to place group bets as odd or even, red or black, and column bets rather than gamble on specific numbers. Although the payouts are lower with these wagers, the odds of winning are higher. 

Placing outside bets is advised if you’re playing for pleasure and don’t want to incur significant risk. Betting on an outside bet also gives you more chances of winning, but the reward is less than outcome bets. 

Check the payouts on your bets

Understanding roulette odds before playing the game is essential because each bet has possible payouts and odds of winning. Usually, outside bets will pay 1:1, while inside bets will pay anything from 6:1 up to 35:1. Knowing the odds before the wagering is key to success.

Learn the roulette strategies

With various roulette strategies out there, there are some that many players swear by. However, some methods may work for others but will not work for you. That is why aside from playing only at a reputable casino site such as BC.Game casino, choosing the best strategy that suits your gameplay is crucial. 

To help you choose the best roulette strategy, here are some of the most popular roulette strategies players swear by:

  • Martingale betting strategy → The Martingale strategy is a method for recouping your losses in a gambling game. The plan is to double your bet after each unsuccessful turn of the roulette wheel. If you lose once and then win again, you’ll get back what you lost and have a little extra.
  • Reverse Martingale betting strategy → In this strategy, you double your bet after each loss. Increase your wager following a successful outcome. If you lose, you must start over from the beginning.
  • Non-progressive betting strategy → This betting strategy is less complex compared to others. If you’re using a non-progressive approach, you’re betting the same amount each round, regardless of the outcome. 
  • All-in betting strategy → All-in betting strategy means you’re betting the maximum amount you can afford on a single hand. For wagers with a shorter time horizon, the non-progressive technique may be preferable.

Most popular roulette variations you should play

As mentioned, roulette has many variants to cater to players’ preferences. Depending on how you want to play, you can always choose the best roulette variant that suits your gameplay. Some of the most popular roulette variants are: 

European roulette

The European roulette variant is the most well-known roulette game available. Most players enjoy playing roulette’s European version because it has a lower house edge of 2.70% compared to other variants. In this game, you will find 37 pockets with only one zero.

The European roulette’s The En Prison and La Partage options are fun. In the En Prison, if the spin yields a zero, it delays the outside bets of outside bettors until the next time. Meanwhile, in La Partage, the player loses half of their bet and is not offered the chance to ‘lock’ their wager for the next game.

French roulette

Despite not being as well known as the other roulette variants, French roulette is similar to European roulette with its single zero. According to the ‘La Partage’ rule in French roulette, your wager is void if the ball lands on zero.

French roulette also contains a rule known as ‘En Prison’, which entails a chance to win your stake back if the ball falls on zero and you bet on even or odd numbers. With this rule, the dealer will mark your wager and place it in ‘jail’. You can forfeit your loss or get your chance again on the next spin.

American roulette

The American roulette wheel has two green pockets. One pocket has two zeros, while the other has a single zero. Since the game has two zeroes, the house edge is increased by 5.26%. The game’s rules are identical to those of the European version. 

The five-number wager, with the digits 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3, has a higher house edge of 7.90% and a 6 to 1.

Types of roulette bets

Despite being a simple luck-based game, players can bet on roulette in various ways. With the variety of betting options, creating ways to increase your chances of winning is easy. 

To boost your knowledge on how to win in roulette when playing in a reputable casino such as BC.Game casino, here are some of the roulette bets you need to know: 

Outside bets

Bets on the wheel’s outer rim are called outside bets. These bets aren’t on a particular number since they focus on a collection of colours or numbers. Some examples of outside bets are: 

  • Red or black → This bet is the most common bet made outside the roulette wheel. It is called an even money bet with odds of 1:1. With a red or black bet, you are betting on whether the ball will land on a red or black number.
  • High or low → With a high or low bet, you are wagering on a low number (1-18) or a higher one (19-36). Similar to both red/black and odd/even bets, the betting odds of a high or low bet are also 1:1.

Inside bets

Unlike outside bets, inside bets consist of any picks inside the table. Some of the common types of inside bets are:

  • Split → Split bets are placed on the line between two numbers. For example, bets on 13/14, 25/26, and 4/5. You win if you roll one of those two numbers. This wager returns 17:1.
  • Street → Street bets are sometimes called ‘steam bets’ or ‘trio bets’. You’re betting the ball will land on a string of three consecutive numbers, such as 1, 2, or 30 through 32. The odds of winning are 11:1.

If you plan to play a roulette game online, always choose the best online casino, such as BC.Game casino. Also, remember to set a betting limit to avoid overspending. After all, betting on roulette is one of the best pastime activities.