BlockchainBrad chats exclusively with Beam CEO Alexander Zaidelson about a new scalable confidential cryptocurrency. The new ultra private currency uses the very impressive MimbleWimble protocol because #privacymatters. They are a real, for profit company that mean business! Their MainNet is live and mining is already underway! No ICO, No premine, but they are a startup that has a very busy year ahead!
0.52 Scalability and Confidential Meaning
3.30 Lightning & Integration
4:15 PoW + Security
7:55 Zcash/Monero comparison
10:30 Peterson Commitment, sum of output/input matching
12:30 Cut through mechanism
16:40 Regulation & Compliance
20:40 MainNet
22:50 Grin. unfunded, community startup
23:56 Distinction between Beam & Grin
25:56 Beam: for profit & enterprise
28:00 Raise
29:00 VCs
31:45: Core Features
34:00 Equihash
35:00 TPS Talk
37.9 Beam Dream Team
41.20 Business experience
44:38 Token Talk
46.00 Competition & BTC
49.50 Beam Wallet
51.11 Wallet Vulnerability
55:00 Beam explorer
1:00 Closing discussion

Core features
Complete control over your privacy
All transactions are private by default
No addresses or other private information are stored on the blockchain
Superior scalability due to compact blockchain size
Opt-in Auditability
Confidential Assets
Support online and offline transactions, atomic swap, hardware wallets integration
Wallet app for mobile and desktop
Governance model
No premine
Backed by Treasury
Establishing a non-profit foundation to govern the protocol after
Mainnet launch:
Desktop wallet app
CLI wallet
OpenCL miner
CUDA miner
Blockchain explorer
Confidential assets support
Atomic swap (with bitcoin)
Integrated bitcoin wallet
Mobile wallet (Android)
Payment platforms integration (API)
Hardware wallet
Mobile wallet (iOS)
Opt-in auditability
Web wallet
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  1. Hey guys, this was 100% free for you all. It took me hours to prep, film and edit, so any comment or feedback would be super appreciated. I want to say that I am personally very interested in MimbleWimble (have been for months) and I will say that speaking with Alex made it clear to me that they are tech & business driven. What do you think about Beam, especially given that privacy is paramount to so many. Your comments, likes and subscription mean a lot, so thank you in advance. Cheers, Brad.

  2. I like everything about Beam as far as i understand…I don't like selection of memory hard PoW algorithm…Problem is memory hard cryptography ultimately gets cracked by asic miners and whichever company does it gets monopoly…simple algorithms like sha256 are better… they are simpler to verify and allows easier development of competing asic devices.

  3. Forget grin and beam. Apollo wil take over this market by storm. It has soo much more than all the coins and tokens together, 1 sec block speed and sharding soon switch between private transaction and public. Coin shuffling, market place, private messaging, Windows wallet, Linux, Mac, Android, ios, soon dex. And much more!

  4. Another great Interview. But unfortunately i feel the these Privacy Coins are an impediment for mass adoption as regulators look at the whole Crypto space skeptically because of what these privacy blockchains and coins can do. I see the benefits of them, but they are one of the reason for slow regulation and mass adoption of the whole space.

  5. Ethereum can implement monero-style tooling into a smart contract thru Mobius or use ZKP technology, i'm sure all the main currencies will have some form of privacy layer quite soon.

  6. Just what crypto needs, another replacement for Bitcoin. Why won't these people apply their skills to helping mankind instead of promoting more similar blockchains that don't improve humanity as a whole? Their true interest is lining their pockets.

  7. Beam has a great tech concept in terms of Mimble Wimble. They have the first mover advantage in the privacy scaling currencies.

    My concerns are:
    1. Team doesn’t have blockchain experience.
    2. Lightning network on BTC is growing rapidly and there are privacy features built in. So, what’s the need for BEAM then?

  8. Thanks for this interview Brad! I definitely need to learn more about Mimble Wimble. Regarding beam, i don't think taking 20% of mined coins is a strange model because there is no premine period or a capped amount with 20 or more % put away for the dev's like other projects. I do think that not having a capped amount of a coin will make it more susceptible to negative effects of inflation, even more so because it's not backed by anything. So yeah, the tech sounds cool but in a market where there is so much competition i'm not sure if what Beam is offering will be enough to become a major player in this market.

  9. Hi Brad. I have great topic for your video.

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