Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, and the blockchain are all part of the new age of finance, with plenty more expansion still to come. Still in its infancy, crypto is an ever-evolving avenue to explore, with new releases, options, and developments constantly arising. 

The pace of growth for almost every industry has picked up thanks to the advancements of technology, understanding and knowledge. Luckily, nowadays, you can get more information by reading online articles, looking at infographics, watching videos, and now podcasts. 

What Is A Podcast? 

Trends are forever changing, with new options coming about daily. One of the more recent trends to pick up is podcasts. A podcast is a digital file made, which is placed online for download on desktop or mobile devices. 

Podcasts often come in episodes or instalments, following a certain trend, topic, or activity. That said, podcasts can be a great option for those looking to learn more about cryptocurrency or simply stay in with the trends. 

As the crypto market expands, more and more experts are starting to become known, offering advice to those looking to gain knowledge and understanding of this new digital space. Some experts are approaching the market and captivating their audience through podcasts. Another exciting avenue to explore when broadening your knowledge on the crypto front is documentaries, which you can learn all about further down. 

Crypto Documentaries

We are in an age of visual stimulation, and now more than ever, documentaries have played a massive part in people expanding their understanding of those around them. In fact, one of the most popular ways for one to learn is through the likes of a documentary. 

For those starting out in the crypto sector, documentaries provide a solid foundation, allowing the person to understand the digital ecosystem and have the opportunity for visual explanations. 

Top Cryptocurrency Documentaries

To help you get started, here is a list of some top cryptocurrency documentaries that provide a well-rounded view of the market. 

Bitcoin — Shape The Future

The documentary Bitcoin – Shape The Future is an informational film that brings to light the Bitcoin market from the Chinese point of view. This is the first of its kind, highlighting companies like Bitmain and Huobi.

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin are easily one of the most watched BTC documentaries. The film follows the story of a well-known Bitcoin enthusiast and computer programmer David Mross. The documentary aims to help people understand Bitcoin and other altcoins. The interviews held include Erik Voorhees, Charlie Shrem, and Mark Karpeles.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

Get in on the action with a short informational documentary called Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble. Only 35 minutes, it answers all the most fundamental questions on the topic and addresses questions posed by Bitcoin critics. 

Crypto Podcasts To Follow

Podcasts are incredibly informative, with the added advantage of manageability. With platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and many others, access to podcasts are easier than ever. Listen to any of the podcasts listed below, and you could be the next hot shot in the market.  

Moon or Bust

Moon and Dust is a well-listened podcast hosted by Benzinga that gives insight into a broad spectrum of crypto topics. The podcast is split into 3 sectors; the crypto headlines, interviews with Web3 founders and CEOs, and an educational sector where new crypto terms are explained. 


The following crypto podcast on the list is Laura Shins, Unchained. Laura Shin is a crypto-journalist who started her career at Forbes. This highly informed crypto journalist was one of the first of its kind, which is why it is a must-listen-to when looking for informative crypto podcasts. 

Crypto 101

You guessed it! If you want to learn everything crypto, look no further because this is your ultimate podcast. Crypto 101 gives listeners access to all the necessary information, from basics to advanced. The podcast is hosted by two knowledgeable figures within the market, Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone. 

Each episode focuses on a different topic within the space, with guest speakers often appearing. 

Becoming An Expert In The Crypto Field

Get involved and take the time to gain ground by getting insight into the market. Set some time aside and expand your knowledge in the market by listening to the top cryptocurrency podcasts or, better yet, documentaries. Each of the options listed above makes understanding and learning easy. Start at the top of the list and work your way down, and by the end of it, you could be the next big crypto investor.