France is one of the leading countries expected to put up a show in the World Cup 2022 games. Les Bleus are gunning for another shot at the prestigious trophy following their success in the 2018 edition in Russia.

While there are contenders in the competition, France is a heavy favourite to win. The tournament is filled with many elite squads made up of star players, making up for an exciting journey for France to take on. Find out how the team would fare in the 2022 World Cup below:

France’s previous run in the FIFA World Cup

France has enjoyed one of the most glorious finishes in the World Cup. They managed to beat the odds in hostile territory. One of the biggest highlights of their 2018 run was that they stave off Denmark, Peru, and Australia in the group stages. It was not even close as France wrapped up a 2-1-0 record.

The bracket stages were always challenging for France. Their first game was against Argentina—a showdown with Lionel Messi’s boys. It was where Kylian Mbappe’s mettle was tested, and Les Bleus outlasted the contenders with a 4-3 win. This set the tone for the rest of their campaign, with France taking down Uruguay with a 2-0 clean sheet win in the quarter-finals.

The semis was a bigger battle for France against rivals Belgium. The team fought hard to secure a lone goal from Samuel Umtiti in the 51st minute. France then held on to the defensive end and finished it with a clean sheet to wrap up a stunning win against one of the heavy favourites to win the competition.

In the final, France outwitted Croatia in the closing moments with huge goals from Paul Pogba and Mbappe to cap off a 4-2 win. Mbappe was awarded the Best Young Player award in the competition. That proved to be one of the stunning runs that France has enjoyed, winning their second title in the history of the World Cup.

How can France pull off a win in the 2022 World Cup?

While they have the advantage of being the defending champions, France is not precisely the heavy favourite to win the competition. They still have an excellent chance to win the World Cup, but they may have to make a few little changes that can affect the outcome of their campaign. Fans expect the French to keep the same level of play as before.

However, various teams have also improved their rosters and even achieved more impressive performances in the past few months. It pressures France to make key adjustments and find a way to beat the odds. Here are some of the ways that France can get a deep push and repeat as champions in the FIFA World Cup:

Keeping the same roster as before

France has enjoyed success with their winning roster in the 2018 run, and there is no need to change that squad that found its way towards a championship. The core is still intact, so there are a few additions to ensure they still have a competitive squad. Didier Deschamps’ boys are experienced enough to handle almost every situation. 

They can add a few role players to boost their defensive plays, and it will take a lot of tweaks if they want to win big in the World Cup. A few scorers and playmakers would be okay to add for France, especially with bigger elite squads set to play in the coming tourney.


Scouting adjustments for opponents

Deschamps is known for being one of the geniuses in football, and his good scouting team also proved crucial in reading the possible plays that opposing teams are expected to make. This is why it is crucial to keep the scouting at work at all times, especially if they are set to play against the biggest contenders in the competition. 

Keeping a strong team dynamic

Any change in the roster brings a new problem for France. This is why the team needs to be as flexible as they can be in any game. A strong team dynamic means improved connections with one another. Experts claim that France’s recent call-ups on various experienced stars, such as Hugo Lloris and Karim Benzema, can play a huge role in their success. This is why the hype is real for the France World Cup 2022 campaign.

Possible contenders who pose a threat to their chances

With France making their presence known on the big stage, they will face some of the world’s toughest teams. Various teams are set to play with a much better and improved roster than before, which may change the odds of winning for France in their coming games. Here are the possible contenders that France may face in the World Cup:


Brazil is the top favourite to win the FIFA World Cup. Neymar’s lead is the most significant expected storyline to unfold in the competition, and it seems they will bring in the thunder in the coming games. Tite’s innovative coaching has given Brazil an edge in their games, and so far, most of it has been credited to the squad’s offensive groove.

Neymar’s impressive scoring has been the key to Brazil’s strong pace in the qualifiers, and he may continue setting the tone for the squad. The Paris Saint-Germain star feels the pressure as he has yet to lead them to a title win on the big stage, which is why they threaten France’s chances.


Like Neymar, Messi is already pressured to have a World Cup trophy. This is why Argentina is expected to come up with a huge push on the big stage this time, and they pose a serious threat to France’s chances. Like they did in the 2018 edition, Argentina has already proved that they are indeed one of the contenders in the tourney.

Battling Argentina ended up as a tight showdown for France, and it will all come down to what both rosters have to offer in terms of firepower. Because France has huge firepower, this may look like the same battle in 2018 if the two squads ever face each other again.


England is one of the hottest teams in the World Cup. After their short run in the Euros, the Three Lions have shown the world they have what it takes to go the distance. Scoring will be the biggest difference in this showdown if it ever takes place. Harry Kane finished at the top of the scoring table in the 2018 World Cup and may continue to fire away.

So far, France has the upper hand on this one, and it will take a lot of hard battles to beat the Three Lions. However, given the recent adjustments made for the French squad, they might be able to beat them down if they ever face each other.


Factors that can affect France’s chances of winning

France is one of the favourites – but not the best for most experts. For starters, it has been years since their 2018 win, and since many teams have improved, they need to catch up.

Here are some of the factors that will affect France’s winning chances and their performance on the big stage:

Roster chemistry 

Team chemistry will play a huge role in how France can close out their coming games in the World Cup. For starters, adding the new call-ups will affect the shared minutes between teams, which means it will be a massive factor in how they will play against specific teams.

For example, a single unit can come up with many minutes against a particular team, but only sometimes. This changes in every game since France may need more firepower than expected or more defenders at the very least.

Formation in the games 

Game formation varies all the time. This can go from the 4-3-3 lineup to the 4-2-3-1, which means they can all offer certain advantages for France in their games. This is why the French squad can adapt to any situation more than most people think, and it will all boil down to how they manage their holes in a given game.

For starters, France deployed a 4-4-2 lineup to exploit Croatia’s lack of offensive weapons. This, in turn, allowed France to develop more advantages on the defensive side, building a wall of defenders before Croatia could even reach the goalpost. Effective formations mean better execution and winning chances for the team.

France 2022 FIFA World Cup roster overview 

France’s reliable roster can deliver a strong punch in their games. This is why they are seen as one of the biggest contenders in the competition. Deschamps has been a solid genius for the team, and his tactics have led France to various strides in the competition. 

Deschamps is expected to put Benzema and Mbappe on the attack, but that leaves a wide array of open flaws for the team. This means they will need to rely on other players to ensure they won’t have any weak spots. France has what it takes to bring home the trophy if they are lucky.

Key players to look out for in France’s World Cup run

France is home to some of the best talents, and you can be sure that the team remains hot with their impressive stars on display. The defending champs are one of the most well-rounded teams on the block, and with these lead players’ help, France can make a big push for the trophy.

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe led the win for France in 2018, and he is expected to show no quarter with the hopes of going for a repeat in the coming edition. This proves to be the bigger feat Mbappe is looking for—to win various World Cups.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema marked his return to the French national team for the first time since his issue with the squad. So far, the Real Madrid star has brought change and additional firepower to help France make more significant strides in the competition, and he will play a huge role in scoring the ball.

Alban Lafont

Alban Lafont has been the rising star to join the French roster. His exploits in Nantes have shown much promise, and fans want to see him take over the competition. The goalkeeper is expected to show off his saving skills on the big stage as the new number 1 for the team.

Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris returns for more international action and is ready to join the French squad once more with the hopes of showing why he is the heart and soul of the team. So far, Lloris can provide a lot of experience and will likely serve as a mentor for Lafont’s bigger role with the team.

Expect bigger performances from France in the FIFA World Cup

France is set to show the world why they are still the best in football, and no one can deny that the defending champs are still on the prowl. It may be the biggest year for football, with the elite squads now pushing for more daring campaigns than ever before. France may be up for a challenge with teams ready for action this time.

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