For casino lovers around the world, gambling online or in an entertainment venue is no fun without walking away with large sums of winnings. The prospects of untold riches can, however, have disastrous consequences and deplete your bank account if you are careless. Many gamblers have found creative ways to circumvent losses at the casino, and almost all of their strategies involve well thought out betting systems.

Betting systems were created as far back as the gambling industry has existed and many gamblers have devoted copious amounts of time trying to perfect their methods. A betting system involves a meticulous approach to wagering your stake against the house in an effort to trump casino games. With the house odds stacked heavily against gamblers, the ultimate goal is to beat the odds and walk out with your pockets full.

What Are Betting Systems?

Betting systems, also referred to as betting strategies, are a structured approach to gambling at a casino with the intention of beating the odds and circumventing the house edge.

The systems entail specific techniques that encourage gamblers to use their bankroll systematically and strategically to boost their profit potential. Gamblers have different personalities, and as such, employ betting systems that complement their character and stimulate their interests. This involves structured betting patterns where gamblers are required to either reduce or increase their wagers after every win or loss.

Betting systems are based on equations created on a history of winning bets. Casino games, however, are not created on fixed equations but rather are programmed on a proportion of odds with the house heavily favored. Most systems are relatively simple to follow, but gamblers must be wary not to engage in a false sense of security, as their betting system is not guaranteed to realize winnings.

Many gamblers prefer to use a systematic approach to gambling, such as betting systems, as opposed to learning intricate skills such as card counting. This is a more practical option for those gamblers who want to prolong their gameplay and ensure that their bankroll lasts as long as possible. Gamblers generally use different systems for various types of games that entail either increasing or decreasing their bets after a win. This is largely dependent on how each game is progressing.

The systems are more effective when attempting to win in the short term, but it would be terribly unwise to employ betting system strategies over the long term as the house edge always prevails. When using a betting strategy, gamblers must always consider the size of their bankroll and how much of their bankroll they are willing to sacrifice to enjoy a winning feeling.

Can You Apply These Systems To All Casino Games?

Irrespective of what your playing preference is, betting systems can be applied to most casino games. This is dependent on using a systematic method of betting and understanding the equation that you are trying to employ. It is known amongst gambling circles that the systems are more successful when wagering on casino games that are not particularly volatile.

Betting systems are not restricted to casino games only, and are exceptionally popular amongst gamblers who enjoy sports betting and horse racing. These techniques involve creating logical associations with the previous performance history of sports teams, athletes, or horses. These factors influence the betting odds and encourage gamblers with the size of their betting stakes.

Although your methodical approach may have an effect on your winning probability, you still face an uphill task as the bookmakers usually enjoy a healthy edge over their patrons.

Categories Of Betting Systems

When learning about the various systems, always bear in mind that no single strategy is reliable and none of the betting techniques are certain to fill your pockets. There are factors that are beyond your control that will ultimately determine your success, and many systems are severely restricted by probabilities and mathematics. These techniques are strategic plans that are studied in a pattern of previous wins or losses.

There are three categories of systems that gamblers practice:

Positive Progression Betting

This is the most popular betting system purely because gamblers don’t need to have a big bankroll to start the casino game. With the positive progression betting technique, gamblers progressively increase their bets after each win and progressively decrease their bets with each loss.

The theory behind the positive progression betting technique is that you have the greatest opportunity to maximize your profits when you are experiencing a winning streak at the casino game. Additionally, if you are experiencing a losing streak, employing a positive progression betting method will help you to minimize your losses.

Positive Progression Betting is a relatively harmless betting technique that offers the opportunity to strike it rich when you are enjoying a winning streak. Always remember that you are not guaranteed a winning streak and should not expect one when playing at the casino.

Negative Progression Betting

This is a more risky betting system, purely because gamblers require a bigger bankroll at the beginning and a strong will to put this system into practice. With the negative progression betting technique, gamblers progressively increase their bets after each loss with a hopeful expectation of recovering their losses with a single winning bet. Gamblers also decrease their bets when they experience a win.

The theory behind the negative progression betting technique is that even though you have lost the last wager, you are destined to win in the near future. And when that win eventually comes, you would have covered up your losses and made a handsome profit in the process. As enticing as this strategy sounds, it is not suggested for gamblers as it may encourage a risky downward spiral in your casino experience.

Although it is quite plausible that a gambler may employ this technique and walk away with a superb profit, this system is not designed to facilitate great profit for a gambler. Notwithstanding the heavily favored casino odds, there is a great probability that gamblers may lose all or a significant amount of their dedicated bankroll, or at best break even.

Many gamblers are of the opinion that the negative progression betting technique is a flawed method of gambling, as there is a lot of uncertainty as to when your losing streak will come to an end. The negative progression betting technique is not recommended to gamblers due to the volatility of the technique.

This method would suit those gamblers who are high rollers with an extremely strong financial caliber.

Insurance Betting Systems

This is a relatively neutral gambling technique and is considered as a safer system. With the insurance betting system technique, gamblers progressively decrease their bets after each loss.

Bear in mind that the above techniques are not a sure-fire way to strike it rich, and these should be used with caution at all times.

Another factor to be wary of is called Gambler’s Fallacy, where gamblers become fixated with particular casino games based on their characteristics and what stimulates their attention. Gamblers tend to create fallacies in their mind that have weak foundations based on rumors or their perception of reality. These fallacies can cloud the judgment of gamblers, which in turn enables the house edge to prevail easier.

Types of Casino Betting Systems

1. The Paroli Betting System

This is a positive progression betting technique that aims to maximize your profits by gaining the greatest traction on your winning streaks.

It works on the premise that both wins and losses happen in streaks. It is therefore assumed that gamblers must maximize their profits during winning streaks by betting big and then decrease their bets during losing streaks.

This system virtually guarantees that no more than a single unit is risked at any stage of the betting process. The Paroli Betting System is most popular when playing Roulette or Baccarat.

2. The Reverse D’Alembert System

This is a positive progression betting technique, also known as the Contra D’Alembert, and is based on the theory that successes and failures will ultimately balance each other out. This has its roots in the Law of Equilibrium.

This technique encourages gamblers to increase their wager by one unit after each losing bet and decrease their wager by one unit after each winning bet. This technique can be used with a small bankroll and focuses on even money bets.

The Contra D’Alembert is most popular when playing Online Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Craps.

3. The Martingale Betting System

This is a negative progression betting technique and is often used as a method to double up your wagers after each losing bet. This makes calculating progressions relatively simple and attempts to maximize winning streaks.

Its foundations lay on instructions to double your bets when you lose and wager standard bets when you win.

The Martingale Betting System is great for short term play, and is not recommended for long term strategy. Gamblers find that they often make great risks for little reward when employing this system.

This system is most popular when playing Roulette, Blackjack, Online Craps, and Baccarat.

4. The Labouchere Betting System

This is a negative progression betting technique, and is one of the most common techniques in the gambling world.

The theory of this system is that of gamblers being able to recover their losses from losing bets through a small series of winning bets. Although it bears similarities to the Martingale Betting System, it does not rely on recovering losses through a single big win.

This system is reasonably flexible, with each gambler determining their own sequence based on the number of winnings that they want to make.

The Labouchere Betting System is most popular when playing Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps.

5. The D’Alembert Betting System

This is a negative progression betting technique and is one of the safest strategies available to gamblers.

The theory of using this system entails using a base stake throughout the entire game while placing wagers on even bets. When a gambler experiences a loss, the stakes are raised by one unit, and conversely, when the gambler experiences a win, the stakes are reduced by one unit.

It is particularly effective for short-term play and works on the premise that there is certain to be a balance of winning and losing while playing a game based on luck.

The D’Alembert Betting System is most popular when playing Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and Baccarat.

Do Betting Systems Work?

As much as gamblers always want to win, it is a widespread fact that none of the betting systems discussed will guarantee success.

It is always a daunting task to beat the casino at their own game, especially with the odds stacked heavily against you. Having a perception that casino betting systems are designed to shift the odds in your favor is incredibly misguided. This can have devastating consequences if you are determined to make a profit and find yourself sucked into a losing streak.

Casino games are heavily reliant on your luck, and very little strategy is incorporated to manipulate the results of your effort. Many casino games rely on Random Number Generators to facilitate outcomes and gamblers must bear this in mind at all times. You should never enter a casino with confidence that your betting strategy is going to suffocate the house edge and fill your pockets.

Despite the casino’s advantage over their patrons though, this is no reason to feel discouraged about visiting a casino and having some fun in the hope of winning. Casino betting systems are a fantastic way to approach your betting in a structured manner. You should rely on your intuition to decide on your chosen system and perhaps your sixth sense will lead you to your winning streak.

Always keep in mind that no betting system will work exactly as you want it to. If you do decide to try one of these approaches, always remember to exercise caution and have loads of fun while playing in the gaming spirit. Good Luck!!!