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  1. Banking on bitcoin goes over the widely unknown history of bitcoin and is an essential watch to understanding the motivations and early adopter attitudes that made bitcoin what it is today. It delves into the story of different key players in the space and how they sacrificed their safety and freedom to bring bitcoin the attention that it is now getting. It is essential to being a part of crypto currency culture, to understanding how it came about and how it can continue. Good documentary. Bravo Netflix!

  2. Hi Everyone just finished watching the program Banking on Bitcoin!!! please watch this I feel we must not let the bank JP Morgan chase or another bank take over the mining space! even if you know a lot about bitcoin this will reinforce we can make a difference and become are own central bank

  3. So my question is, if and when crypto's over take the dollar as currency, what will things be measured against? I.E if one BTC is worth $100,00 dollars, what happens if there are no longer any dollars. What will BTC be priced in? This is a genuine question. I am holder of BTC and have been for some time. The question arises; let's say that BTC goes right up in value, then one thinks of cashing out, but would you cash out? I mean cashing out into a broken monetary system doesn't really make sense. Or to put it another way. Let's say there are no other currencies left in the world, what will my BTC be valued against? Or do we need a paradigm shift now, to deal with moving forward?

  4. Your channel is great, thank you! On tulip bulbs though, a small note from me for the next discussion with your father in law: Difference 1: Tulip bulbs are not fungible. Bitcoins are. Difference 2: Due to the fact that the bulbs had individual value, you placed a bet on your future prospect of reproducing them, leaving competitors forever behind. IMO, that's why the craze was quickly over. And even today, there are bulbs in the tens of thousands traded (look it up) while the avergae bulb trades for a few cents at any gardening store. So the tulip mania / bitcoin mania really cannot be compared. My best regards!

  5. re: banks and tulips
    agree banks made a mess of things but this was probably more to do with the growth in tech, internet and china booming
    throughout the 90's and 00's leading to complacency in the financial institutions and the general public. the banking system would have collapsed had it not been for the central bankers. not sure how a decentralized currency can mitigate for the complacency resulting from a 'goldilocks' economy or re-float a potential meltdown?!


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