The coronavirus fallout is wreaking havoc on the crypto markets. What should you do to survive this bloodbath? Chief market analyst Naeem Aslam and veteran trader Charlie Burton explain their emergency strategy.

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  1. 0:54 What is going on in the market?
    2:50 Why is crypto dropping if it’s a safe haven?
    4:04 When will the bloodbath end?
    6:23 How central banks are responding to the crisis
    9:34 How exactly are you approaching this situation?
    12:36 How would you suggest a trader/investor to profit from this situation?

  2. this is the first financial crisis BTC experience and it shows BTC is not or still not yet a safe haven in fact it performing worst than stocks and commodities .
    conclusion : this is going to be worst than 2018 bear market the halving may pump it for a while but not too long
    the only thing that can save this market is a treatment to COVID-19.

  3. I'm not going to worry I missed out but it sounds like funny enough that you didn't. In an English accent of course thanks bloke Cheers

  4. Bitcoin is not a safe haven, it's not digital gold and it's not a non-correlated asset. That's all a false narrative. Bitcoin is a digital currency with a strong brand and a limited supply.

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