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  3. Since crypto is open 24/7 shouldnt you adjust your EMA to reflect that. The 50 and 200 is for equities and other standard markets. I think 70 and 280 are best for crypto as they reflect a 7 day open market.

  4. Perspective Tеlegram сhannel @airdrop_yes wherе АIRDRОPS аrе puВlished еvеry dаy AIRDRОP – frеe distrebution оf toкens to evеryоne from diffеrеnt IС0; Giving 0nly 2-4 minuТеs рer dаy on rеgistrаtion in diffеrеnt AIRDROР it is роssiblе tо еаrn 1ОО-3ОО dоllаrs per dау;

  5. Did bitcoin make the death cross today? Binance has yellow, blue, and red instead of green blue and red. I don't any trading software other than what Binance offers and I dont think their tools are that great.

  6. Cryptocurrency s are garbage now..ever since bitcoin became mainstream..its like a online game u used to love playing until the cheaters got there hands on it.

  7. Steve, thx for your video. I learned from you about the RSI and the relationship you explain is backed by historical charts in crypto and in the regular stock market. Than you so much for that important piece of information. You are not telling your audience a lot about the big picture, namely why Crypto is a good place to invest and stay invested smartly. Other channels do that – yet you can see how the owners of these channel get depressed by the current downward trend. This is natural and I don't blame them. The more I like your postive attitude pointing out the opportunities that this bear market brings with it. Many great investors preach that story as well. Wishing you continued success

  8. The minute an anonymous buyer bought 400 million in bitcoin last February I knew manipulation was coming. JPMorgan has purchased some 400 million oz of physical silver, at a cost basis of close to $10 billion; but it still took the bank four and a half years of consistently manipulating the price. Few have the skills and treachery of this bank and could never replicate what it has done…. Sounds Familiar?? 400 million in bitcoin and 400 million in physical silver can JP Morgan be manipulating crypto?

  9. 100 DAY must cross 200 DAY then it is considered STrong DEATH CROSS..If BTC crosses 10k resistance then it will go up nor will fell down..i will consider it as bear only when it again comes down below 8k


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