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  1. I think at this moment i would say nicolas scott strategy is wonderful and i would love to share it to traders we felt they cant make it in trading, well have made so much in forex and crypto currency through the help of a good broker called nicolas scott. please am only moltivating traders out there to always get a good broker. thanks

  2. Gotta say i am all for an explosion to the downside, then we will know the bottom is in and we can trade accordingly, there are better stable coins out there than tether and i think tether will fade into the sunset in time. We already know you are an honest passionate guy whom loves to help others i think it would be fantastic for us all to get to know you a little better by talking about your travels which is your other passion, many thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm especially after flying from one side of the world to the other, cheers 😉

  3. The whole story is wrong! Playing bitcoin to see the analysis of the trend chart is useless! The trend of Bitcoin depends on the news! One thing you should remember is that Bitcoin is Chinese!

  4. With "Institutional" money set to enter crypto in the next few weeks I'll tip bitcoin to go parabolic to the upside, these "Institutional money investors" are cleared now security wise.

  5. Tether and Bitfinex are massive scammers. I't's obvious that tether is not backed by real money and there's no telling how much market manipulation has happened/is happening. When tether crashes (not if, but when), it's going to be carnage.

  6. What else will they invent to sell their crappy bitcoins to hamsters as high as possible… Nobody can trust Bitcoin after February fall – just buy it, and 90% you lost your money. Shaved hamsters. Consolidation in downtrending triangle = huge sink in close future. BTC will be 1500$ this autumn-winter and it will still be overpriced… This scenario will result in final investors' interest loss and full market vanishing to sleep mode till next time or forever.

  7. The nature of man is NOT hate and war. That is brought in to the world by the puppet masters and the man behind the curtain is namely the same man the cryptos were designed to defeat. The House of Rothschild and the House of Rockefeller. With hate and war come profits to the military industrial complex that is owned and controlled by these greedy people.


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