? Bitcoin is KILLING it
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? I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. I’m just a humble man with a great passion for all things block-chain, even tangle and block-lattice.



  1. Happy anniversary!! You only get better with years!

    There has been a lot of changes in crypto world and I respect you for trying to inform people about it, yet it I still think that if someone wants to enter crypto world, they will need help from an authority to feel safe for starters. Or at least that is how I felt for a long time.

    I've been looking into the market and the soon upcoming ICOs and saw a new platform ORCA, they are dropping their ICO soon but their 3 year plan is really ambitious, do you guys have opinion on them? Would really appreciate

  2. Yep, bitcoin is back on track to kill it 2018
    Take a look at this 'CoinBase killer' app that allows no-fee Crypto purchase from Visa, Mastercard and even PayPal (but escrow, to protect against clawbacks) for all the top Cryptos……so most in the #coinmarketcap top 10 except #Ripple as is is against their morals to sell #shitcoin

    Unlike most ICOs , these guys have had a working product since 2015 on the App Store and google Play, THE most secure communications app in the world since 2015. Great design already but now they are adding secure hot & cold wallets, two exchanges (one is bot resistant) and the main exchange launching within the #PryvateApp in August does OTC at the cheapest rates in the world, FREE.

    Well, no fee for #PryvateCoin /#PVC but 2% fee for everything else like #BTC #XMR #LTc#Dash #EOS and far morethan #Circle #Luno #Gemini #CoinBase and others sell.

    I think we will start to see more companies like this, not drivennby stockholder/investor greed and simply behind Crypto all the way, for the benifit of all and the demise of the 0.0000001% of socio-economic terrorists.

    Some of the devs behind this project were involved in the 1st #BitCoinATM in San Francisco ……. but the team are everywhere; Brazil, New Zealand, US, UK, Poland, Monaco, Mallorca. Crypto Veterans who just wanna do their part to circumvent corporate/govt restriction to block the peasants escaping the dying financial charade and the slave mentality that perpetuate it. #disrupt #hangthebanksters #futureofmoney #neweconomy

  3. I think what most people misunderstand about ta is thinking TAers predict absolutes. They don't. They react to triggering events, if the price does this, then this, if it does that, then do that. Simple.


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