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  1. Winning coins: Bitcoin, Eth, Link. Other shit I'm holding that I think has a chance: TRX, LTC, Monero, Ripple. Holding some other shitcoins but I don't have much faith in most of them. Maybr EOS will do okay.

  2. I'm just going to take this invitation to shill my favourite microcap coin – Autonio. Yes, I'm down. No, I'm not rekt. Yes, I'm buying. No, this is not financial advice lol

  3. Bro look at Wanchain it was 10 dollar in April. That means 10 dollar on a market cap of 450 billion $.
    What if Market cap is going back to 800 billion? That means around 20 dollar for a Wanchain! Who is worth 0,38$ now..

  4. Cameron, just stay away from the TA. It’s not your thing. Inverted H&S have rules & requirements, so do falling wedges, and zigzags, etc etc. So just don’t go there.


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