Will cryptocurrencies make taxation harder? Do countries with large, strict tax requirements actually prevent tax evasion? Why would people not want to pay taxes?

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  1. Crypto is the future of capitalism, not socialism 🙂 and it’great! Crypto will allow us to have small government, less bureaucracy, lower taxes, more liberty and freedom, just what unkle Jefferson was thinking of 😉

  2. You forgot to mention how Bitcoin will force governments to actually use taxation as the means of financing themselves, instead of illegitimate money printing (which is basically an invisible tax on everyone).

  3. Problem is not the taxation, but who does and who doesn't pay tax. If we all pay or most of us pay, we can say for example: "This road is owned by the society!" But if we don't, the richest wil pay for the roads (because they want to reach places) and you won't be able to use them, only if you pay taxes to the investors. This was in the Middle Ages, but now we have much more way to control people.
    In other hand rethink the societies is really necessary. Why would we pay? What can we reach if we are working together? Etc.

  4. Paying taxes is not a bad thing, if those taxes are used for things that make sense (e.g. roads, firefighters, schools, judges, …) and everyone pays a fair share. The problem is that this is often not the case in modern societies, because our current system of centralized control always leads to corruption.

  5. we only pay so much taxes because of our ponzi monetary system. half of your taxes flow back to parasitic banks through interst payments controlled by a little elite. we would save so much god damn money if we hadn‘t this kind of system. bitcoin will correct that.

  6. 4:24 The United States of America didn't bomb Greece, so why's he there? And, no, he's not "American" any more than if he had moved to Japan he'd be "Japanese". Read the single sentence that comprises the whole of the Preamble to the United States Constitution if you're confused. And remember who exactly drafted this Constitution (hint: not the Greeks).

  7. The problem comes when people start actually using crypto instead of just speculating. When a lot of transactions are done by machine, automated, high frequency or hidden in the protocol layer and invisible to the user. How exactly all this can be tracked for tax purposes is anyone's guess. What has been invented is friction-less digital value transfer. If the government adds friction back into crypto then its entirely pointless.

  8. Taxation like that of today is a combination of stupidity & legalized theft. Taxation in the real sense only comes into operation when you make a transaction i.e. when you spend the money you literally made, some of it (sales tax) goes into a common wealth pool ; We The People's own Reserve Bank which deals only with actual value based money…absolutely no QE. One tax everybody pays…super simple whereas modern taxation is like why make things simple when you can make it complicated ?


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