BlockchainBrad speaks EXCLUSIVELY with VITE COO Richard Yan in an update about this high-performance decentralized ecosystem. Richard Yan is a seasoned Wall Street pro and he is serious about building a fast payment and dAPP platform that caters for tomorrow’s devs & enterprise needs. Real World developments are taking shape for VITE.
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1:20 Intro
6:20 Why Stable Coins
7:11 Decentralised Facebook
8:48 dApps & Verticals. Smart Contracts are Live!
9:20 SDKs + tools: all is live
12:00 Aim is to capitalise on Ethereum
14:15 Syracuse Partnership
17:01 Pilot Potential
17:35 Emeryville + Cannibis + Mayor + Blockchain reg.
22:30 DEX. VITE will release a DEX
24:26 Listing on Bittrex
24:45 Token Value- Economy
26:49 Bitcoin Discussion
28:11 Mass Adoption
28:20 Speed & the Tech Race
30:50 Vite International Store is Launched
32:40 Goals, payment solution and dApp platform
55:00 Closing statements and recap
Token Issuance
One-Step Token Issuance
Protocol-Level of Support

Instant Confirmation
On-Chain Transaction
Multiple Tokens

Built-in DEX
On-Chain Order Book
Cross-Chain Support
Fast Order-Matching

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January 2019: VITE Reflection
Key Events
January 16: Vite was listed on Bittrex Exchange.
January 17: The reward for full-nodes doubled.
January 18: The smart contract function was released on TestNet. Vite became the first DAG-based public chain to support smart contracts.
January 21: Version 1.3.0 of the Vite iOS app was launched with an added Discovery module. In this new tab, users can collect airdrop rewards, read the latest Vite-related news, and check out upcoming campaigns and events.
January 29: Vite International Store officially launched! To purchase Vite merchandise, use your Vite Community Points at the checkout.*
January 30: The first in-app game, “High Roller”, was developed by the Vite community; the goal is to guess the correct number of dice and win VITE!
System Developments
Vite Wallet Updates: iOS, Android, Web
iOS App: Iterations for versions 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 were completed. Version 1.3.1 has added a Discovery tab and an anti-cheat feature within the airdrop function. The contract call function for the js bridge protocol and the QR code was developed.
Android App: Voting features within the Android app were added. Other updates include development of the js bridge function, an enhanced QR code recognition rate, and the ability for H5 to interact with the app. The two-dimensional code content has been enriched by the new protocol.
Web Wallet: The test for version 1.3.0 was conducted and a one-click token conversion function was added. The H5 airdrop page is currently underway, this will include the development of a ‘rewards viewing’ feature and bridge protocol docking.

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