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  2. I like the new Jacket and & bow tie Steve! Love your videos as always, Thanks for all your hard work bringing all of the crew up to date on Bitcoin as well as the lessons that you include with every video. Much appreciated!

  3. Still, compared to 2014 the number of participants in the crypto market is way more so that "solid month" i expect to be maybe 2 weeks the most from now before the Bull run starts. Just my honest opinion.

  4. Steve, your research findings regarding moves on the 6th of the month may still hold to be true…the latest btc dump started with a giant flag which started on the 6th, and now we are treading water, with the month coming around again…wouldnt be suprised if we started seeing a reversal after the 4th of July. I'm excited for the next run to break this trend…with all the people saying 3k and knowing 90% are always wrong…we are def going back to 10k

  5. Hey Steve. Thanks for the video man. I was keen to see what happened after the quick rise in 2014, and what was the move after that. Also, enjoyed the shout-out for South Africa where I am from. Next time you must come visit me in Joburg and we will take you to the Kruger Park and some other fabulous places. I also love to travel and are headed to Thaila


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