Blackjack has remained one of the most popular games across many forms of gambling. You will see that any online or land-based casino has blackjack on its game roster. Players enjoy it since the mechanics are pretty challenging but can pay off huge in the end.

BC.GAME is one of those platforms that offer a variety of blackjack games alongside some stellar rewards. This has led to people showing interest in and strategising to win the game. Some people see it as a game of chance, but they need solid skill to have a sure win to get past the return to player (RTP) percentage for the chosen title.

The game aims to predict if the player’s hand value is higher than the dealer’s. It has to reach a value of 21 or closest to it, and if players get it right, they win as long as their hand doesn’t go over the number. Aside from that, many side bets can be placed, which helps with the rewards that can be won. 

Online casino: What is live blackjack?

Live games are played online, but the gameplay and format retain the same spirit of the land-based casino game that players are accustomed to. Through live streaming technology, you can see the croupier conduct the game. This provides an engaging experience and relives the experience of playing in brick-and-mortar casinos.

The game’s live casino format is made possible thanks to state-of-the-art studios of software providers. Their equipment, such as cameras, captures every essential element in the game, such as the shuffling of the cards given to the players. Regardless of the game being played in a live format, the odds don’t change, and you can still play the same strategies. 

What makes the experience more fun is that most online casino sites have bonuses and promotions that you can get and use to maximise your bankroll. Moreover, playing this game is more convenient since you don’t have to endure queueing for your turn to play. Once you have a device connected to the internet, you can start immediately!

Best strategies to win in blackjack

There is a methodology to help you have successful blackjack sessions, whether in an online casino or land-based setup. Do your best and stay consistent with these tactics so you have a solid probability of getting those wins.

Before you start with the strategies, you need to understand the actions that you can do while you play the live dealer table game. These are: 

  • Hit: When you say hit or tap the table, you ask the dealer to give you another card. 
  • Stand: This is when you are holding the value of your hand, and you will end your turn. 
  • Double: This is also called the double down, which is the action where you place another bet to increase your hand’s value. This bet will equal the initial bet you placed at the beginning of the game. 
  • Split: This is when you have two cards of the same value, and you can split, giving you two hands instead of one. 

These are actions that you can keep doing, and at the same time, you can make the standard bets and the side bets with winning odds.

Blackjack card counting

Once an unpopular strategy, card counting has been proven to be useful. This is often referred to as the basic blackjack strategy, too, which makes it easy to understand. 

This will be most reliable and effective in blackjack games because it can lower the house edge where the player will have the edge instead. You must keep a tally of certain cards while the dealer burns through the deck. As you keep a close eye on the cards that have been dealt, you will have a better chance of making the right wager. 

There are some sub-strategies within card counting, but the biggest of them has to be the High-Low. The player will have to keep a mental tally of three groups of cards every time that they see a high number card played, and the counter will have to subtract one from their tally. Lower cards will make them add one to the tally, while middle cards will be ignored. 

If the tally is quite high, it will most likely result in higher-value cards, which means the player can bet big. On the other hand, if the tally is low, making small wagers is the right move. This restarts when the deck is shuffled, letting the count return to 0.


Shuffle tracking

This will require a keen eye for detail as you memorise all the cards in play. In the next round, you will have to observe how the dealer shuffles the cards and try to find where the high cards are placed. It is a tough technique to get down, but you can reap awesome returns when you learn it well. 

There are three blackjack shuffling styles that you will have to know before you start: 

  • Hand shuffle: This is the standard shuffling style, as they take all six decks of cards and shuffle them together. They then put it back to start the new round of the game. This is the easiest way to track the shuffling because it slows the game down, but you can keep playing for a long time. 
  • Automatic shuffle machine: The dealer will put all of the cards in a tray into the machine and shuffles all of them simultaneously. The dealer will put them back after the shuffle process has finished. This can be tougher to track because the machine might be too quick on the eyes. 
  • Continuous shuffle machine: This is similar to the previous one, but this will be a seamless shuffle as you can keep playing. 

Insurance betting strategy

Insurance bets are side bets offered to players when the dealer draws an ace. This is worth half the amount of your first bet. They work by betting that the dealer will draw a 10-value card after drawing an ace, resulting in a blackjack. Before the dealer reveals the hole card, they usually ask if they wish to place an insurance bet or pay even money. These insurance bets are half the amount, but they pay at a 2:1 ratio. 

Some people believe that taking even money and an insurance bet is similar, but they are not. The former is offered to blackjack players, while the latter is offered to all players in the game. You are guaranteeing a 1:1 payout by taking even money, but you will not get more than that. 

With the insurance bet, there are two outcomes. The first is when the dealer has blackjack. You will not lose your initial bet but also win your side bet. On the other hand, if the dealer does not have blackjack, you will lose the side bet, but you can keep playing with that hand. 

Placing an insurance bet worth $5 while the dealer draws a 10-value card on top of the ace, you will win $15. That is a huge shift, especially if you have a strong hand, too, because you can beat the dealer for bigger rewards in the main aspect of blackjack.

Even money strategy

The even money strategy is used to avoid the possible draw between your hand and the dealer. If you feel you have a hand worth 21 but do not want to risk the dealer having the same hand, use this strategy so you can at least double your stake and turn them into rewards. 

However, you should note that you might miss out on at least a 4% loss from the possible winnings. For example, if you are dealt a blackjack, and the dealer shows an ace, your initial $2 wager can be turned into $4 with even money. However, you are missing out on winning the possible $5 prize. 

Play and win Blackjack at BC.GAME

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Make the most out of the blackjack games

BC.GAME is one of the platforms loaded with exciting blackjack games in the casino section of the site. You can find exciting variants that will give you a diverse playing experience. Use the tried and tested book casino strategies or new ones you’ve read about online and see if you make a fortune. Don’t miss out, and take advantage of the opportunities of taking home life-changing rewards!

Frequently asked questions

These are the most commonly asked questions by prospective blackjack players. 

What is the best blackjack strategy? 

Despite the controversies surrounding it, people see card counting as an effective strategy. The strategy is perfectly legal, meaning you should use it because you have a strong chance of winning. 

How is blackjack’s basic strategy calculated? 

High cards will have one point scratched off the tally, while lower cards will add one. The cards in the middle will not affect the tally. 

What are the rules of blackjack?

The primary rule of blackjack is getting as close to 21 without going over it. You will choose between making moves between drawing another card or staying before you make the final count. 

What are the different game variations of blackjack? 

There are many kinds of variations of blackjack. Here are the most popular versions of the game. 

  • American Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs
  • Live Blackjack
  • Online Blackjack