A small technical view at how the market will (or might) develop the next month. Long term I’m not a big fan of basing your investment decisions on TA, rather I prefer basing them on fundamental analysis and then hold. The market is showing signs of the bears getting weaker, also the highs are getting lower and the lows are getting higher, forming a very nice triangle. In the middle of June we should test the resistance of the triangle ($9300 – $9600) and hopefully break through, otherwise it’s likely that the market will return to the support line ($7200). If the breaks through, we should see the price of BTC going over the $10,000 to confirm an outbreak and a trend reversal towards a new bullmarket.


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  1. What we have here is a gigantic bear pennant.

    Flagpole: 17/12-2017 – 06/02-2018
    Pennant: 07/02.2018 – present

    From a purely TA-standpoint, it doesn't look good. And I'm a bull.

  2. I'm hoping for one more month of dips. Because those provide the best buying opportunities. NEO, OMG, ICX, ZIL, WAN, SKY, ENG. Get these while these are still cheap. I don't want lazy fiat in my bank account for stupid stuff I don't need. I rather make it work for me. Buy the dip. Be patient. Win.

  3. I always thumbs down when ever someone goes in to this chart reading shit. That's why the only person I'm subscribed to is Modern Investor, he never reads charts. If I asked any uploader of these stupid chart videos how much BTC Mt Gox as sold and has left to sell, they'd give me the right number because it's common knowledge. Now if you have that info and you know they can sell at a moments notice, why would you waste time with a chart? Only they decide when they'll sell and make the market dip. Same with EOS and their Ethereum. If those 2 entities sold off at the same time, what happens to the market and how did ANY of your charts predict that? I haven't seen one single chart video predict the 20k BTC run or the subsequent decline after. Charts are for stocks, not Crypto. Leave stocks stuff where it belongs and leave Crypto here

  4. Hey Quinten, I really hope a bull market happens man. I have been hodling way too long! I was eagerly waiting for May to be a bull market after watching your May's prediction. Hope it comes thru

  5. For me it will be bearish. Analysis does not matter , it's emotions. People are emotionaly weak this period.Big money is not showing up. A lot of money lost since january, so people are afraid.
    Personal Opinion(hope to be wrong)


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