As Rule #1 investors, we’re out to buy quality companies for half the price. $10 dollar bills for $5 dollars. In this video, I want to show you how to find companies to invest in that will give you the best value for your money.

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  1. I truly appreciate your knowledge, hard work on making these videos, and the no B.S. fishing attitude towards your subject matters. Love your channel. I am a beginner YouTuber, and been a bit discouraged by the lack of subscriptions, but I have been gaining information and getting psychologically stronger to keep on trucking. Thanks to very few and far in between channels like yours. I share your videos with my dad and my brother. My mom's English is not so good. ?✌???

  2. Based on what you just said GE is not a great company to invest in at this moment? Because even though stock prices seem to be low… the business itself it’s not doing good… am I right? Please comment to get a good understanding, because I always thought GE was a great company…

  3. Hi sir Phil,

    Ely here from the Philippines. I've read your book Rule #1 and Payback time! This was so easy to understand and very detailed book.

    Just a question sir Phil, Does it really have to be a blue chip to consider a certain stock as wonderful?
    I have found such a certain stock, which is for me passed the 3M requirement, currently in a wonderful price with a large percentage of MOS. This stock was considered as "Class A" stock in the Philippines. But I was worrying since its not considered a blue chip, Is it necessary that the stock have to be a blue chip to be considered as wonderful?

  4. Really great advice that I was looking for. Although what are the other sources (other than 13F filings and sites you mentioned) to even start considering the companies to have on radar? Is it always to keep track of the top loosers of the day?

    There has to be a way to "pre-sort" companies to apply Rule 1 investing right? Or following the gurus is the only way?!

  5. Thank you for the time you put into these, very helpful!
    So, I just bought my first stock. I've done about 3 weeks of research(haven't even scratched the surface), and wanted to use some of the $100 I put into my Robinhood account. I finally bought my first stock, 2 shares of Verizon $48.05 each. I came to this purchase based on the 6 P/E ratio, the 2.5 dividend, and the fact that in Jan the stock was worth 54.04.
    My questions would be:
    Is this considered a deal? What number do I compare with the current price of the stock to determine if and how much of a deal I am getting?
    Is a P/E ratio of 6 too low? I know 10 is considered good.
    If I plan to keep these shares for 10/15/20 years is this a good purchase?
    Thank you!

  6. Since you ask Phil…. Made a few good calls in 2016 – bought into Miners Oct 2015 – Feb 2016. Liquidated 40% of UK stocks on Brexit Referendum Day, June 2016, while keeping the Dollar earners. Bought into various UK Focused stocks (Housebuilders, Financials etc) a couple of days later at 25%+ discount. Dollar earners did well due to Sterling depreciation. Then held my nerve on Trump's election. Result… 94% portfolio gain (ungeared, long only) in 2016. Thanks for sharing your insights. Will sign on.

  7. Perhaps unknown to the public, the cow had mad cow disease and that's why the steak is 70% off. We don't get to see or test the cow before the slaughter. We have to trust the producer and the FDA are watching out for us.

    I'm not disagreeing. Just saying that we who are not insiders don't have all the info. So it's still a bit of a gamble to hop on to a battered stock. I want very badly to buy into GE right now. But at the same time, I cannot say for certain that it will turn around.


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