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0:00 Big Bitcoin Bet
1:07 Subscriber Rant
3:10 Back on Subject
4:01 Fork Preperation Thoughts
5:51 Ignoring Crypto MAY be Unwise
6:55 I HODL
8:14 Bitcoin Gold News
10:13 Market Update
11:30 5 Crypto YouTubers
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  1. The irony is with Bcash and Bgold and B2x is that I would probably buy these coins if they launched from genesis coin with a fair launch from scratch. But the way they go about their business, hard forking and attacking Bitcoin core because they want to be core dev, drives me more towards the real core dev. I mean if they did succeed they would be like a private core dev with full control over Bitcoin which is clearly what they want.

  2. I'm having an extremely hard time trying to figure out if genisis mining and cloud mining is a pyramid scheme or legit. They have a lot of negative comments on twitter yet I see many many YouTube videos promoting it. Help!!

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  4. I love your videos Crypto Daily! I noticed you mentioned Walton a few times before so I looked into and they do RFID tracking which sounds like a good use case. Can you give me your opinion on Vechain? They are already on their 3rd gen RFID chips and are working with Microsoft and Renault! Seems very undervalued and unknown in the West.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know, you do not have to take your coins out of storage (9:48) when there is a fork. You can wait till ready and do it whenever. This could easily be a better idea, particularly when the dust has settled and there are wallets or processes in place to convert to whichever forks have occurred since you last took them out, (if ever). There is still a place for paper wallets ( so long as you can keep them secure from damage of course). Hardware wallets (companies, models and versions) will become obsolete from time to time so handy as they are, I wouldn't be putting all my eggs in one basket.
    Regarding forks, in my understanding altcoins based on BTC are just forks anyway. When BCC/BCH happened, the first thing I was told was to simply treat it as an altcoin, so I do.

  6. Charlie Lee his money, and his value as a crypto member will get shrike allot :D, win win. segwit2x is logical the right step, anybody not seeing that either is a shill or does not know what he or she is talking about, including you crypto Dailly you lack sufficient technical know-how (but that counts for about 90%+ of people in crypto) Sorry for insulting you but it's the truth, where you'll ever figure it out or not

  7. Someone needs to make Crypto Daily t-shirts …… I want a huge picture of FIAT MAN on the front of mine and it just says "FIAT" and him just sniffing $…. someone make is happen 🙂

  8. I saw in one of your previous videos a while back you mentioned ordering the TenX card. Has yours arrived yet? I ordered mine a few days ago. I'm also in the UK

  9. Why not just buy into the dip that some/all the altcoins will recieve because of the hard fork of BTC/BTG?
    I like the idea behind Sumokoin but it only being available on Cryptopia makes me iffy. Still would love to buy some just not from an exchange I know nothing about and people say they got scammed from.
    Isn't Walton going into a batman right now? Still not bad, and what you said earlier about it not dropping as much by the bitcoin crash might also show it's a strong altcoin.
    ''I thought news websites were meant to remain neutral?'' Erm, who controls the media? Right, big money horny companies. Should say enough. (I mean, Fox news BBC, etc…)

  10. Hay bud are you going to the blockchain conference in n Edinburgh on the 13th? If you are I'll get you a drink or 2. Great videos by the way watch them all

  11. The cashless society and digital money is rolling out to plan. Once the world is on blockchain, we are locked in. "Bitcoin, the most sophisticated setup yet" Report by Catherine Austin Fits. The IMF/BIS are allowing BTC to take traction, the more goes into crypto, less money into gold and silver. They are facilitating the growth of crypto.

  12. Lots of people lost respect for Nexus for pulling that "steal from our investors" BS. Lots of posts on their reddit channel were removed and censored. The dope smoking dev team did the following: 1) Hype up the conference and pay lots of speakers to speak. 2) Insiders sell their Nexus while they hype it up. 3) DUMP all their remaining coins the night BEFORE the conference. 4) Price went from nearly $4 to less then half in days during the conference and is still going down. The SEC made a crypto cyber squad division recently. Some say because of Nexus's obvious Pump and Dump scam. Too bad this was a good idea also……even though I lost a lot, this coin MIGHT still be good if they get their act together. Post has been SS in case of deletion.


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