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Crypto doesn’t slow down, there is always a new idea, new technology, new projects to learn about and digest and apply. Crypto is also a world filled with many self-taught, auto-didactic learners who took their future into their own hands. It’s a technology born from rebellion of the status quo.
Many people who are involved in crypto (myself included) have the perspective that universities are far better at creating debt than providing an actual education tailored to each individual’s needs. Although it would be great to educate those already in universities about this great new freedom based technology that is the blockchain, if for nothing else than to provide the growing companies with much needed help.

But the fact of the matter is, the very nature of this industry is so fast-paced and freeing that it isn’t
worth it for many professors to teach it to their pupils.
By the time they teach a full semester, there will have been vast transformations in that technology.
Not to mention the fact that those who are able to teach on the subject would be much better paid if they were doing, rather than teaching.
This was in fact the case when Uber partnered with one University to study robotics and ended up snatching upwards of 40 researchers by luring them with better pay. However, luckily for those who believe in the education system, there are individuals who exist that value spreading knowledge more than a bigger paycheck, those people are what keep the world of academia alive.

We are living in a time were a much needed new industry has just been born, an industry that has the potential to change nearly every aspect of business and money, and it’s only the beginning.. If you’ve been looking for a way to differentiate yourself, to have an edge, do yourself and this world a favor and study up on this new technology. The internet is an amazing place where you can find information that has the potential to change your life if you have the motivation to pursue it.

There was this thing called Consensus that happened in New York this past week. It was a place where innovators, investors, regulators, educators, eager minds and blockchain builders came together to show what they could do and what they see as the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Among the many topics covered, Bitcoin exchange executives acknowledged the benefit of accepting more alt coins on their exchanges.
Despite originally concluding that the network effect would funnel users into one particular crypto, they now realize the potential for the space of hundreds of other cryptos in the years to come.
Now, if those “hundreds” of cryptos stick around for the very long term, only time will tell.

Consensus 2017 was a place where among other things, innovators and regulators met to open the dialogue to determine how regulation can help some big names with deep pockets become more comfortable with investing in blockchain tech. However it was also addressed that this very same regulation status is what is causing the U.S. to lose it’s footing as a global financial staple.
Of course, this being an industry built by those who value the freedom that only comes from decentralization had the louder voice.