I sometimes get asked what the difference is between a bull market vs. bear market and in this video I’ll explain the difference through Rule #1 Investing terms. http://ow.ly/ScXbJ

Almost every day in the investing world, you will hear the terms “bull” and “bear” to describe current market conditions. As a Rule #1 Investor, we are really excited about buying when there is a lot of fear and selling when there is a lot of greed.

As common as these terms are, defining and understanding what they mean is not so simple. Because the direction of the stock market is a major force affecting your portfolio, it’s important you know exactly what the terms bull and bear market actually signify, how they are determined and how each market affects you.

So what is a bear market and what is a bull market? A bull and bear market are completely opposite things that occur in the stock market, but bulls and bears can be used to your advantage when following my Rule #1 Investing principles.

You should have an understanding of long-term market trends from a historical perspective. Because both bear and bull markets will have a large influence over your investments, do take the time to determine what the market is doing when you are making an investment decision.

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  1. I can understand that you would expect it to go down more when you buy something on a downward trajectory…but why would you love for it to go down more? Wouldnt you love it if you managed to time it perfectly and buy right at the bottom of the trough?

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