g’day Crypto mates, Today’s topics are: Cryptocurrency Digital Currencies, RUSSIA, NEO NEWS, NEO MEDIA and posts, reference to METAVERSE and Loopring. It’s chat 4 with BlockchainBrad. Talk about key meetings, other quality YOUTUBERS in the CryptoSpace is also mentioned. I remain bullish on NEO, but wow! what an interesting space this blockchain world is.


BREAKING: Russia Issuing ‘CryptoRuble’
Russia Will Issue National Cryptocurrency ‘CryptoRuble’: Report

Palm Beach Confidentail Says Chinese Cryptos are Undervalued: NEO, Metaverse, and Walton,

PalmBeach Research Article

World Bank President: Everyone Is Excited About Blockchain

PBoC Digital Currency Director Calls for Centralized State Cryptocurrency

China’s Communist Party is holding its most important meeting in years: Here’s what you need to know

At Government-Backed Chinese Conference, Bitcoin is Called “Disaster”

What Will Happen When Major Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Close Down by End of October?

Keith Wareing

Will the Chinese ICO Ban End After October 18th?

NEO might be a requirement for foreign ICO’s in China

City of Zion announce Neon Meta Exchange (NEX)

Metaverse key points

What Loopring (LRC) is and how it relates to NEO, Da Hongfei, City of Zion and the new Neon Meta Exchange (NEX).self.NEO

What Loopring (LRC) is and how it relates to NEO, Da Hongfei, City of Zion and the new Neon Meta Exchange (NEX). from NEO



  1. Great video again. I have recently subscribed as well. I looked into loopring during it's ICO and liked it backed then, however didn't purchase. I did invest in the 0x project or ZRX.

    ZRX is similar to that of Loopring but services the ETH blockchain. It has a ton of partnerships with even more exchanges using their protocol. Have you looked into ZRX and if so, what are your thoughts?

  2. Hi Brad. I'm not a crypto expert but I'd like to reciprocate value. Re: the IMF, check-out SDR's and their long held desire to create a global currency. Crypto is a gift in that aim..although there is a theory that they created it! Personally I share your view of who the crypto father is but it's worth being aware of the IMF's gameplan. James Rickards The Death Of Money discusses SDR in detail (he's a goldbug & not a crypto fan).

  3. Thanks for the analysis! It has already been decided that Xi Jingping will remain leading the party. The question is whether the new members are as progressive as him.


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