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Good news for those of you who purchased EOS on the exchange Binance, because even though I just made a video showing you how to register your tokens so they are usable when the EOS platform launches, if you’ve got your EOS on an account with Binance, they will be doing all that work for you.
I’ve gotta say, even though this one is centralized, at least they tend to make decisions for the benefit of their user base. For example, if you hold any NEO coins on Binance, they will give you the Gas that accrues and is rightfully yours. If you’re holding NEO on Bittrex on the other hand, that exchange is happily raking in everyone’s Gas coins and keeping those coins for themselves.
Just because Binance has a track record of doing right by their users, let’s not forget the fact that a the end of the day, as a user, you are still left hoping that they will continue to do so. I’ve started a series on decentralized exchanges. So far I’ve covered IDEX and will be covering a number of other options this week and next if you’re interested in learning more how to take control of your own coins so you don’t have to rely on the trustworthiness and honesty of centralized exchanges.

Google has decided to ban ads for cryptocurrencies in addition to ICOs.
What will this mean for bloggers and youtubers who like me, dedicate their time to educating and spreading the word about this semi-underground financial freedom movement? I wouldn’t be surprised if long ago Google changed their search engine algorithms so content involving cryptocurrencies are less visible. But my friend Randy Hilarski, he’s a wizard with social media, brought up a great point today as well. He pointed out that even though these ads are gone, it doesn’t at all take away the legitimacy of what we’re doing here. If anything it removes the bull crap and makes more room for real people creating real content to be found by real individuals looking for real answers and information. If you are a content creator or if you’re still worried about what this could mean for the future of this industry, fear not! Because there are plenty of other platforms that now use blockchain technology to ensure the immutability of content. Platforms like:,,, and soon to come, Civil: and I’m sure there are more that I have yet to learn about.

EOS drama with Brock Pierce:

Yes, Brock Pierce has a bit of a questionably shady past. Back in 1999 there were rumors of sexual abuse but he was never charged with a crime.
Yes, this kind of history is the sort that will continue to haunt him. But that being said, you can’t deny the work and dedication he’s put forth for the benefit of the crypto community. He’s had numerous appearances with huge media outlets and he’s always emphasizing the bigger picture and possibilities that crypto can unleash for all of humanity.
Unfortunately for Brock, thanks to a show on Comedy Central that aired a couple days ago, his past seems to be coming back to haunt him. Thanks to the huge audience and a flurry of new google searches for Brock and his past, it looks like and the team behind EOS might be turning their backs on him. They’ve since edited all youtube videos to remove Brock from their channel and website also. Unless we get the full story and can understand the details as to why they made this decision, we’re left wondering if is more worried about appearances than defending a man who has had blockchain’s back since day one, or if they knew about his past and now that it’s public knowledge they are retracing to save face.
At this point we’re looking at a situation where one set of rumors has led to more speculation and distrust. Keep an eye out for an explanation from as to why they decided to cut him out.