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On this weeks show The New Kids On The Blockchain look into all the latest crypto and blockchain news and look at the crypto winners and losers in February, Facebook versus Telegram and speak to JP from Next Generation Living Homes, about The Bitcoin House and how it can be the first house that pays for itself, despite its E200m price tag.

We also chat to Brendan from Fauna Chain about how they are aiming to help save endangered species by using the blockchain.

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?From News BTC Is Facebook About to Battle Telegram With its own Cryptocurrency Launch?

The crypto token race is on between the world’s internet and messaging monopolies. Telegram already has a head start with a successful multi-million dollar ICO but Facebook will not be left behind and is highly likely to roll out its own cryptocurrency this year.

According to the New York Times Facebook is already working on a crypto coin for users of WhatsApp to send and receive payments to each other. The report added that the project is so far along that Facebook has already approached a number of crypto exchanges with regards to listing the new coin. WhatsApp is likely to be the digital guinea pig for a larger scale rollout of a crypto coin integrated into Facebook itself.

?From CCN Newsflash: $90 Million of QuadrigaCX’s Missing Crypto Found, Claims Researcher: Is it Recoverable?

Zerononcense, a cryptocurrency blog run by editor James Edwards, claimed that it found the trails of the missing $90 million worth of crypto from the now-defunct exchange QuadrigaCX.

The detailed report curated by Edwards discovered the transfer of 649,708 Ethereum from the wallets of QuadrigaCX to cryptocurrency exchanges including Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Kraken.

?From the mainstream media The Daily Express – Has BTC finally hit bottom? Can crypto bounce back?

Bitcoin’s fortunes appear to be fading, at least in the short term, with BTC seemingly trapped in an endless bear market. The flagship crypto has consistently dashed investors’ hopes by failing to regain any of the bullish momentum bitcoin once enjoyed. But bitcoin could be about to hit bottom and even turn a corner, according to technical data.

?From Crypto News its a Coin Race: Top 10 Crypto Winners/Losers of February

Here is a quick look at the top winners and losers from February. First the winners up its Binance coin followed by Maker, Komodo, Ontology and EOS. The losers are headed up by Ziliqa (ZIL), followed by Nem (XEM) and Tron (TRX)

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