Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies crashed last few days.
What to do after the crash? What are the forecasts from now on?
I give my own opinion about the entire situation and how it will go from now on.

Don’t worry guys, our ride will be with ups and downs, but we will get there eventually! The last few weeks proved the potential cryptocurrencies has and even the best markets needs to crash sometimes before getting bigger afterwards 🙂



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  1. Yeah this guy is right. Don't try to be a casino gambler : just hold , and don't sell unless you wanna retire once and for all from this. Most of the time if you try to trade it , you will lose money : that's because just like in casino games , brokers have an edge + you will get emotional : Let's see an exemple Let's say you buy coins at 0.20€ and you see it's dropping to 0.15€ so you sell right ? then you see it's going back to 0.20€ so you buy ? If you do this , you just lost 5 cents per coin + fees , so now you have less coins than you previously had when you first bought them at 0.20€ . There is no sure way to predict the future short-term price based on technical analysis. But fondamental analysis can work over a long term period

  2. Gasten, we komen net van de 2800 af terug naar 1900… nu staat bitcoin op 2200 as we speak.. we kunnen vandaag nog naar 2400 maar daarna zal het denk ik echt wel weer naar beneden gaan, de correctie is nog niet voorbij , je zegt zelf het kan niet parabolisch BLIJVEN gaan.. dus als we binnekort (zeg een week ofzo) weer op de 2800 staan dan gaat het dus weer zo parabolisch. Ik denk dat het weer zo zal gaan als in 2014…

  3. i hold small amounts of different currencies my strategy is not to put new money but to move small amounts from the ones that have fallen the highst to the ones that have fallen the lowest, for instances, i have used parts of my bitcoin holding to buy ether classics and ripple, i used some of my litecoins to buy even more ripple then i bought a small amount of bitcoin with fiat money and used that to top up my litecoin, i am satisfied with where i am at the moment my only regret is that i dont hold more of each but there we are, you canna have everything

  4. Tuur de Meester mentioned the newspaper were requesting interviews again. The last time that happened was december 2013. That crash took 1.5 year to recover. The time between bull runs has also the tendency to lengthen

  5. I notice something, but maybe it does not make sense:
    when volume increases and price drops then it's the
    perfect time to buy, buy and buy again up to the maximum % accepted
    (in case of loss).
    In this moment ,Volume, in the general market of cryptocurrency,
    was rising sharply and after this maximum volume the price dropped.
    If reasoning is right then large investors are buying lots of cryptocurrency.

    Ps: This thing I did yesterday with the pivix, and it's going very well.
    Hopefully, it's just an opinion.

    Hi hello and thanks a lot of the video, as always 🙂

  6. Good points. You might want to use the term FLASH crash with cryptos, as they MUST occur and are healthy. All markets breathe in and out. No inhaling without exhaling first. Keep up the great work.

  7. So many new buyers have been entering and dominating the market in May. Panic over-selling by crypto sycophantics – take some deep breaths and calm down. There won't be any sustained sell off lasting many months in crypto until 2018-2019

  8. I went for a swim as all the ethereum hype was getting to me, by the time i start getting back into it the price has stabalized lower and yeah I may have missed out on the potential gains but it is not in my mindset to buy and sell short term.

  9. I like you. You are calm, even in supposedly dark times, you approach the whole thing really reasonable and best of all: you share it with us all. Best of luck with your exams!


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