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If you were holding DAO tokens after the Ethereum hard fork, you might be able to receive a refund of ether classic.

After the attack, the guys at Ethereum decided to hardfork the blockchain, thus rewinding the blockchain to the point just before the attack.
Because the hard fork resulted in a split of the blockchain, ether classic was born. If you were holding DAO tokens at the time of the hard fork then you have an opportunity to claim your ether classic from the White Hat’s ETC Withdrawal Contract. I will of course include a link to this down below.

If you’ve lost or forgotten a password that grants you access to a bitcoin wallet, litecoin wallet, or dogecoin, or most other alt coins, you need to seek the man who goes by the name Dave Bitcoin. He wants to help you get that wallet back! He uses brute force decryption to help you get back your lost or forgotten passwords for your bitcoin or alt coin wallets. He will charge you 20% of what is found inside the wallet and has established a reputation over the years as maintaining high customer service and NOT scamming his customers. There is no guarantee that he will gain access to your wallet, but he’s probably your best bet.

Explanation of White Hat Group’s Motivations:

Griff Green’s Step by Step Guide for Refund:

Coindesk Article on Dave Bitcoin:

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