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Wanchain listed on Binance
Binance moves to Malta
Qtum Giveaway Details:

Japan’s FSA:
Malta’s Digital Innovation Authority:

Facebook data breach:

Mercury Protocol:

The growth of Binance exchange has exploded over the past 7 or 8 months of its existence. With that amount of influx of users Binance is now one of the top, if not the number one exchange in terms of volume. So when a new coin is listed on Binance, it’s now exposed to that growing number of traders and investors and could definitely be seen as an indication for an increase in price. Of course there are no guarantees and while certainly a listing on Binance is indeed a positive, it is no sure thing to make a coins value increase dramatically.
Binance has actually added quite a few coins this week, but most notably and probably most hyped is Wancoin. People were awfully excited about this because, up until this point, the only other way you were able to be in possession of legit Wancoin is if you were able to participate in its ICO. NEM was also very recently added to Binance as well as QTUM. If you are a fan of trading QTUM and you’ve got a high enough volume of QTUM trading pairs on your Binance account you could receive a portion of their 50,000 QTUM giveaway, this lasts until the 27th.

Alright, now on to the not so fun news. If you’ve ever ran into a person who, to you, seemed to be a bit uptight, and paranoid about the kind of information they post on social media, or if they want to stay off of social media altogether. If you haven’t met anyone like this yet, hang out in the crypto space a bit longer, go to some meet ups and get to know the people who prefer to interact in person and you’ll probably run into a few. This is what they were talking about. First there was the news that a data mining and analytics company in London was able to gain access to millions of users information thanks to a very liberal data sharing agreement the Facebook granted to the developers of apps on its platform.
Who knows how many other apps have done who knows what, with everyone else’s information.
The U.S. has passed legislation that will allow foreign police to gain access all sorts of your information and data even without a warrant. More or less opening the door for the world to gain access to and probably take advantage of your sensitive and personal information.
Perhaps these recent events are enough for you to reconsider your own activity on popular social media platforms like Facebook. Perhaps you’re now even interested in learning about more secure, properly encrypted messaging channels. Perhaps now you’re beginning to understand that the paranoia of protecting your information and personal life from social media platforms and easily accessible messaging apps isn’t really paranoia. Than in fact its actually now a justifiable precaution that we should all be taking more seriously.