Today BlockchainBrad has a special $BTC Bitcoin-themed chat with top crypto YouTuber, Nicholas Merten, aka. Datadash. Nicholas is highly respected for his personable, but also no-fluff approach. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all things crypto and blockchain. Nick is articulate and passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency and in this interview we dive deep into $BTC. As always, Nick provided insightful responses in what was a long, but detailed and thought provoking conversation. Thanks for your time once again Nicholas Merten!
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01:35 What does utility means to you when we talk about bitcoin?
05:26 What was the utility at BTC’s beginning and is it still upheld in form when we look at the tech today?
10:45 Do you think that right now there is proof that BTC has the capacity to function as a settlement layer?
13: 38 At what point does the white paper became the basis for the whole ecosystem it reps and should this document be changed to reflect the changing elements that are happening with BTC right now?
15:04 Do you acknowledge the issue of social consensus? Has the agenda of bitcoin maximalists changed over time?
17:10 What does it actually mean to say that BTC is the new digital gold?
21:22 Does it have global backing from all sectors?
24:50 About the value of gold
26:50 About non correlation and asymmetry of BTC
31:10 Exploring the narrative of a ponzi
35:34 What’s the value of belief? Is Belief a core asset in itself?
41:10 What do you think about maximalists & their behaviour?
49:39 Let’s discuss social consensus further
53:11 Does social consensus lead to vulnerabilities and questions of holistic trust related to the integrity of the software?
56:03 Are we paying attention to how governments react?
58:10 What happens if the legislation starts to move forward?
01:01:01 Plausibility factor: that BTC can be potentially changed
01:04:57 What are your thoughts on the different narratives?
01:07:55 Does it concern you about this genuine ownership disparity issue: where the top 1000 own such a huge amount of BTC?
01:09:34 Is BTC gonna uphold its poll position as the best tech for the long term?
01:10:44 DO you thing that BTC will survive if we don’t see some sort of proof of mass adoption where build upon the code to advance it is common and doable?
01:12:43 About the power of manipulation in the space right now
01:16:17 How do other start-ups impact BTC?
01:20:43 About centralised entities?
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