!!ATTENTION!! If you own or buy the old DigitalPrice (v1), you need to swap it for new ones (v2) on the DigitalPrice slack before September 30!

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  1. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET YOU ALL WEEK LONG CAN YOU ANSWER ME BACK?? , This is Tom from the Philippines 2511abc@gmail.com or my Skype handle is v2500n need help setting up my masternode for Digital Price!!!!

  2. What is the market use case for this coin? Is it simply a clone of Dash without the community, and AAA development, and marketing team behind it? I'm not saying you can't make profit with this coin, but I didn't hear you mention anything about what niche this coin is fulfilling.. Is this pure speculation and desire to capitalize off of masternode dividends?

  3. Hewllo my dear friend I purchased Digital Price and would love to learn how to setup my MASTERNODE??? I will be glad to pay you for your time in DIGITAL PRICE COINS!!! please help if you can!!!! email is 2511abc@gmail.com or my Skype handle is v2500n. Thank you so much for all your help and time on the videos.

  4. Hi, appreciate for your sharing! It help me understand a lot. I am new in crypto investment. I think I need a another pc to run masternodes. Do I need to buy a really good new pc or just simple pc that I am able to run many masternodes? would you please give me some advices on the new pc? many thanks for your help.

  5. Could you possibly make a video about how you store all your coins?

    Hot mobile wallets, cold storage, desktop ect.

    I'm more concerned with whether or not you have a multi coin wallet or separate wallets for all your coins.

    Thanks, love the vids.

  6. Hello Young And Investing. I have some problems getting my masternode up and running. I hope you can help me. How do I find my IP and Port that the digitalprice.conf file needs? In the DP-wallet it says that it is connected using UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) and no specific IP and Port. Any idea how I can solve that, because I think you installed the same wallet as me and you get the same results.

  7. Where can I find some resources about this coin? Resources in Website section only has wallets and github. How can I know what is this coin trying to solve? All I can know from the website is it's Private and Instant and Masternode based. So is PIVX. Why do you think there will be greater adoption for this coin over coins like PIVX, ARK, Verge?

  8. wow – really should have listened to you last month when you talked about it. The masternode news made this one skyrocket. Seems like a bad time to invest in something that went up 200% in 1 day though.

  9. I am new here and may i ask if i bought digital price in blue trade, first of all i need to buy bitcoin and then exchange bitcoin to dp, then i could directly sell digital price on blue trade or i need to transfer my digital price somewhere else then sell it? thank you so much

  10. I'm going in. 5 grand, let's make it 50 grand. 2 masternodes I am getting and a bit more coins. This will be my biggest gain in crypto ever if you're right my friend. You have not failed me yet, I am crying tears of joy right now at the thought of making so much money… ok sorry for the emotional comment and I know this is risky, but cmon… at least it can't much fall below 7-8 cents right? 😀 so low risk high reward I assume? 😀


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