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  1. You mean well and your a great spirit but unfortunately Bitcoin has lost sight of its own purpose. Then the miners for that. However, Digibyte (DGB) has grabbed the torch and technically speaking they are the only faces that have had the balls to show their faces and the only ones to have kept that dream alive through their community efforts and ethical decision making.

  2. Really like how you mentioned Martin Luther freeing the people from the corrupt centralized Roman Catholic Church. Seldom is the key role the RC Church plays in the globalist financial system ever mentioned, and how Bitcoin is really the Protestant church of money. I recommend the book (free online) Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps.

  3. Bitcoin IS the Revolution. Shitcoiners do not understand this. People overly concerned with buying a f'n cup of coffee do not understand this. Run a full Bitcoin node, HODL as much BTC as you can, and spread the word to free humanity from the fiat debt servitude world we find ourselves in.

  4. I love and appreciate what you do but dislike you using Stick Figure's music on your channel on a regular basis without crediting them. I am a musician and it is really hard in todays market to control our content. I hope that if you continue to use Stick Figure's incredible music at least credit them or please start using public domain music instead.

  5. This is one of my very favorite videos and I had to watch it a second time. I love the passion, I am pushing to get more involved in this area, I am hoping to work in this field. Thank you for your gusto, keep it up and thank you for making great content.

  6. You've been exposed. Looks like your green screen has fallen down (Joke LOL).
    Great content as always. I recommend you the noobs as your contents is concise and to the point.

  7. Ledger Nano S?? Ya, right!! I ordered one 3 months ago and paid via Paypal (my payment arrived immediately). Two weeks later I received an email from them that they had CANCELLED my order for "lack of payment!". I checked Paypal again and it showed that my payment had indeed been sent. I contacted them and told them to check their Paypal payments on the date I paid. Two days later they admitted that my payment had arrived weeks ago! 3 days later they told me they had sent the product out to me finally. Their "left hand doesn't know what their right hand is doing" methinks. I sent it back and told them that if their product is as bad as their customer service then I couldn't trust all Cryptos to such a sloppy company. Just my 2cw and for you to be aware……

  8. Heidi should post up a call in # or skype connect for internet callers. It will increase your audience engagement and generate more meaningful dialogue for people new to the space.

  9. Who are the ten people that gave you thumbs down and why!? Losers… haha. You're amazing. You're smart. You're beautiful – looks and your mind. Been following you since you started and I always recommend others have you as one of their subscriptions as they're getting into crypto. Would be great to meet you sometime.


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