Welcome to Token Tank Episode 4! On this exclusive episode of Token Tank, we invite ELASTOS founder, Rong Chen, to discuss the need for a decentralized internet & carrier. He also provides us with $ELA news and updates. We, the TT panelists, also discuss how @Elastos_org plans to execute their delivery via merge mining, hardware devices, IoT, and how they plan to move beyond TCP/IP structures to build a whole new decentralised information architecture & network.

Elastos Website: https://www.elastos.org/en/
Elastos Telegram: https://t.me/OntologyNetwork
Elastos Twitter: https://twitter.com/OntologyNetwork

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Our panelists for this episode of Token Tank include:

? Brad | Blockchain Brad

? Alex | Crypto Candor

? Lark | The Crypto Lark

? K-Dub | Crypto Zombie


TOKEN TANK is a show that invites top tier blockchain and crypto startups to pitch their project (or update their project) to an assortment of blockchain/crypto panelists ranging from backgrounds in media, VC, engineering, and more. The focus of the show is to provide high quality, objective reporting, exposure, and information about the featured project to encourage viewers of the show to conduct their own due diligence and form their own conclusions about the invited project.

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