Ep #70: Trading Time Frames in the Stock Market

Hey this is Sasha Evdakov and thanks for joining me here at Tradersfly.com, for another session of Let’s Talk Stocks. Now here we are on episode Number 70 of the Let’s Talk stock session and we are doing something a little bit different.

I like to use the glass board to teach the lesson, to explain to you about the different trading time frames, about the daily, about the weekly, about the monthly and when to look at what chart, why would you want to look at the daily, why would you want to look at the 10 minute, why would you want to look at the weekly or monthly.

Then maybe that’ll give you a little bit of a different perspective. If you’re joining us on YouTube enjoy this lesson we’re going to try to do it uncut and see how things go and then if you’re listening to us on podcast and you want to see the lesson, then just head on over to Tradersfly.com where you can watch the lesson.

I found that a lot of people struggle with evaluating the different time frames and even some of the students that have my blue technical analysis course, sometimes the look at the daily but they won’t look at the weekly or they won’t look at the monthly or they’ll look at the weekly and monthly but they don’t look at the daily.

There are a lot of different time frames that happen on the charts as you start looking at charts as you start looking at your charting platform, there’s a lot of different time frames that are available. You can look at a ten minute, five-minute, thirty-minute, or one hour.

There’s many opportunities available for you to analyze and evaluate charts and the question comes down to is which time frame is the best one to look at or which one should you personally look at, because my time frame or my time horizon might be different from your time frame or your time horizon.

Let’s discuss different the Time Horizons
When you’re getting into the trade you need to evaluate all those different time horizons to see which time horizons is going to work for you. Let’s start out with breaking these different time frames down. Let’s look at the daily here, so we have a time frame of the day and within that day you may have something like a 10 minute, you may have had the thirty-minute, you may have the hourly.

There are a lot of different time frames just within the day the chart and these typically are called the intraday timeframes, so they’re interdict because they’re minutes and they’re within the day, but our primary one here is still the daily.

The next one that we’ll take a look at or the main one is, I like to look at is the weekly. So the weekly also you can start breaking things down into it. So you can have multiple weeks and you know you can even go into let’s say a two-day, a four day, maybe even five or six day. There are different time frames that you can look at there and then finally the monthly.

Within the monthly, you have also more time frames within here, that as you get into the monthly there’s even you can get into the quarters that you look at or even the yearly . This might even start to break things down over here as you get into the yearly.

What do these Time Frames tell you?
You start looking at these different time frames and you start seeing, what these time frames tell me about the stock and each one of them will tell you something different. If I look at the daily and I’m looking at the chart and I’m looking at the daily this time frame relative to let’s say the big picture.

Let’s just say that this is the big picture time frame, this will represent time and will continue moving it all the way over here and so this will represent time and this over here also time continues back over here.

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