The Philippines is one of the Southeast Asian countries with an undoubtedly huge market for esports games and betting. Maraming lokal esports events ang nagaganap every year sa iba’t ibang mga laro. Some of the country’s most popular gaming scenes are Mobile Legends, Valorant, and Dota 2, which proves the industry’s rapid and massive growth.

Despite the popularity of esports games, the country is still yet to make esports betting a big thing due to various barriers involving differences in views and culture. Nevertheless, the potential seems to be endless and overflowing, and it may happen sooner than expected. To give you an overview of the country’s thriving esports scene, here is a quick guide to help you kickstart your journey in esports games betting at BC.GAME.

Top esports games to bet on in the Philippines 

Bago mo simulan ang pag-esports betting, you need to know the current top esports games in the Philippines. With each having its own types, gameplay, and competitive tactics that appeal to different player preferences, get to know more about the games dominating the country today.

Dota 2

Isa sa pinaka-kilalang laro sa larangan ng esports, ang Dota 2 ay isang premier multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game ng Valve Corporation na ipinakilala noong 2013 bilang sequel sa sikat na Defence of the Ancients (Dota).

It’s a role playing game approach with players choosing their heroes with unique strengths and abilities used in the main battle. The theme of Dota 2 circles around the two teams composed of five players each. Both teams will go through a cutthroat battle to defend their central base, called the Ancient, by eliminating their enemies and destroying the opposing Ancient.

Dahil matagal na ang larong ito sa industriya, and Dota 2 ay isa sa mga nagbibigay ng pinakamalaking premyo sa esports. Kasama na dito yung The International which runs annually, officiated by Valve. With a prize pool reaching $40 million in 2021, it remains the biggest event of the Dota Pro Circuit.

ESL One at DOTA Summit ang iba pa sa mga sinusubaybayang tournaments sa Pilipinas. Dota 2 betting is also popular in the Philippines for its passionate fanbase, and its eye-catching events have made a significant impact among fans of the game. 


Kabilang sa listahan ng pinakabago ngunit nangunguna sa mundo ng esports ngayon ang Valorant. Ito ay isang first person shooter (FPS) na kinahuhumalingan ng milyon-milyong manlalaro at taga suporta sa kabila ng maikling panahon nang ilabas ito noong 2020. Ang Valorant ay isang five by five tactical hero shooting na gumagamit ang characters o Agents na nagtataglay ng angking skill at abilities para matalo ang kalaban.

The goal is to attack and defend one’s ground, depending on which team a player is assigned. Attackers can easily snatch the win by planting spikes which the defenders will do anything to defuse. Every team has players with different roles that designate their responsibilities throughout the game. The first team to win 13 rounds before their opponent will bag the victory.

Given that Valorant is less than three years old in the esports scene, the record it earned throughout the journey is quite impressive. It had more than 1.5 million viewership in just two years after its release. It also has its own Valorant betting scene where fans and bettors wager on matches.

This FPS game from Riot Games rivals the pioneer FPS game CS:GO for its similarity in mechanics and gameplay. However, both games thrive with the help of their respective fanbase and are widely enjoyed around the globe with their massive competitive events.



Isa pa sa mga kinikilalang tagapagtatag ng multiplayer first-person tactical shooter genre ang Counter-Strike: Global Offensive na inilabas noong 2012. Mas kilala sa tawag na CS:GO, ito ay pang-apat sa Counter-Strike series mula sa Valve Corporation.

It is a team-based FPS, na mayroong two factions known as terrorists and counter-terrorists (CT). Each team has objectives that they must accomplish. For the terrorists, they need to plant a bomb, while the CT side must stop them, rescue a hostage (if there’s any), and eliminate their opponents to win. The first to win against the other obtain victory and earns rewards to access more powerful weapons.

Despite being pitted against Valorant, CS:GO already has its name in the esports scene for being the biggest shooter game until this day, with a peak of ever two million in viewership. The game also reached a new record of over 1.2 million concurrent users, showing an upward trajectory in its career.

Aside from the intense matches that can be enjoyed, CS:GO betting is also a big thing among fans of the esports game as it provides many betting opportunities where they can earn a huge profit. From show matches up to the Majors, the official Championship event with prize pools of at least $1 million, the betting scene of CS:GO is boundless.

Mobile Legends

Esports fan ka o hindi, siguradong narinig mo na ang Mobile Legends. Isa itong multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game mula sa Moonton na inilabas noong 2016. Mas kilala ito bilang “ML” sa mga players, no matter how old they are. Dahil sa nakakaakit na visuals at gameplay nito, agad nitong narating ang rurok ng kasikatan lalo na sa mga bansa sa Southeast Asia.

Ang gameplay nito ay mas naka-focus sa skills at strategy ng mga manlalaro para manalo sa bawat bakbakan. Ngayon, isa na ito sa pinaka-matagumpay na laro sa larangan ng esports na may mahigit apat na milyong viewers kada laban sa torneo.

What made ML more successful is the fact that it is a mobile game possessing everything that PC MOBA has, such as skins, heroes, abilities, and more. Therefore, more players can access and play against each other anytime and anywhere. ML also features a built-in live streaming and esports system, making tuning in on high-level plays easier. 

The esports market for Mobile Legends is now one of the biggest in Southeast Asia alone. In 2020, after just four years of the game’s release, Moonton reported over one billion game downloads with over 100 million users in the Philippines. Some of the most notable teams in the country are Blacklist International, ECHO, and more, dominating the Twitter and Facebook trends on every match.

League of Legends

Sa larangan ng Philippine esports, hindi papahuli ang League of Legends kung saan ito’y isa sa mga best esports games na nilalaro ng Filipino gamers. This game is another Riot Games masterpiece in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre released in 2019. 

The League of Legends World Championship, known as Worlds, is the most highly anticipated LoL event. Dito, teams compete for the coveted Summoner’s Cup and a multi-million dollar prize pool. It is widely covered and tuned in by millions of fans around the globe for its matches that display excellence and drama among players.

With Riot Games’ prestigious LoL events like the League of Legends World Championship, known as Worlds, the Philippines has become one of the game’s biggest markets in League of Legends betting. Aside from its growing number of spectators, punters who are interested to try out LoL betting also keep coming to explore how lucrative the game is. 

Strategies for betting on esports games

Esports games betting might be intimidating for new punters as it involves a significant amount of money and smart betting decisions, on top of the competitive thrill of rooting for your bet. Here are some of the most effective esports betting strategies that can guarantee you more wins and give you a successful betting experience.

Understand how esports betting odds work

Betting odds are the figures that can give you an overview of the possibility of an outcome happening and how much you can earn if you win your bet.

Esports betting odds come in different formats, such as moneyline, decimal, and fractional. You have to know how to read them properly. However, they provide the same context regardless of the difference in how they are displayed. 

Focus on the game that you know first

If you are new to bitcoin esports betting, it is best to focus on what you know best to avoid making mistakes and losing your money. There is a wide variety of esports games to wager on but remember to know more about esports betting before placing bets.

Frequent punters spend years betting on one game before getting the hang of it and trying another game that ensures huge profit. Kung mas matagal mo nang alam ang Dota 2 kaysa sa ibang esports, mas mabuti na mag-bet muna sa Dota 2 esports scene.

Para hindi ka gumastos beyond sa budget mo and pag-bet blindly, it is recommended to focus on the game’s complexity rather than solely focusing on winning a huge payout. This way, it will be easier for you to bet in the long run. 

Be familiar with your favourite team and player

Mastering every team and knowing every key player does not just signify your loyalty as a supporter. It is also an effective way of building your betting strategy. A good betting decision comes from understanding the team and player you’re betting on. After all, kung hindi mo alam kung gaano ka-galing maglaro ang isang team, paano mo malalaman kung mananalo ka ba sa iyong taya?

Knowing which player does best in certain maps, which team performs the hardest in certain circumstances, as well as the past results of their games, will surely provide you with a good context on where you should bet. This will translate to an attractive amount of profit since you’ve made a well-informed decision.


BC.GAME: Top esports betting tips

Esports games betting is more than just honing your knowledge about the game and the betting system. It also comes with tips that will guide you in making the best decisions, equating to huge winnings. Ito ang mga tips na kailangan mong i-try:

Look for the right betting site

Finding a bookmaker where you can wager on may sound simple, but it is one of the most crucial parts of every betting journey. Marami kang pwedeng pag-pilian online pero siguraduhin mo na ang pipiliin mo ay ligtas at secure. By doing that, look for the site’s iGaming licence to ensure your chosen bookmaker is operating under the law.

In addition, it is best to look for a site that offers a library of esports games, betting odds, and a huge variety of betting markets where you can make the most of every opportunity available. Hence, your chances of getting positive results root from competitive odds, generous rewards and bonuses.

Keep track of your results

Tracking your past results is a habit that builds good betting techniques. You can’t just stick to one habit for the rest of your betting journey, as it will prevent your growth as a bettor, and you will also most likely lose more funds. Once you see negative changes in your past results, it will be easy for you to track which of your decisions needs to be maintained or removed. Hence, your improvement will pave the way for your success.

Manage your bankroll

Constantly betting on your favourite esports can be extra addicting, especially if you’re on a winning streak. It also works on a losing streak if you get tempted to chase your losses. Both instances are dangerous as you will either end up in a bad mood or lose money that can break the bank. Therefore, bankroll management should be on top of every player’s habit.

How to bet esports games on BC.GAME

Now that you are equipped with the best esports games in the country and the effective tips and strategies you can use throughout your esports betting journey, you are ready to drop your first bet on the scene and win!

BC.GAME offers the best esports betting experience you won’t find anywhere. Ang website ay maraming mga esports offers para sayo. To get started, here’s a step-by-step process for joining BC.GAME.

  • The first thing that you need to do is register an account. Basahin ang terms and conditions bago mag-create ng account sa BC.GAME.
  • Fill in the information needed on the sign-up page, including your email and preferred password. Tick the box to agree on the User Agreement that you’re a player at least 18 years of age and above.  
  • Once you finish creating your account, go to the sports section, where you can see betting options for both sports and esports. The section is at the top of your screen with a basketball icon beside the word ‘Sports’.
  • Scroll down to see the esports section on the left side of your screen. Click the plus (+) button that serves as its drop-down button. This will show you a list of esports options. 
  • Choose your preferred game, which will take you to the page that contains current and upcoming events you can bet on.

Make sure that you have enough funds on your account that you can use for esports betting. Once everything is ready, you can place your bets and hope for the best results.

Join the fun of esports betting at BC.GAME now

The Philippines’ esports scene is continuously growing, with the number of teams and players coming into the scene. Some are still striving for the top, while others have enjoyed success in the international scene. With the hype in the country’s esports scene, esports games betting can be the next big thing among fans. 

With all the tips and strategies you’ve learned, you can start your luck now and bet on esports games at BC.GAME. The site will surely secure every bit of your bet, giving you more benefits as a new punter, and will provide you with the ultimate betting experience you can ever have.


Here are the answers to some of the most common inquiries about esports:

What are esports games?

Esports, short for electronic sports games, are team-oriented video games with their own organised competitive circuit. Like traditional sports, it comes with leagues and tournaments where professional gamers play for the crown and prize money.

What kind of games are played in esports?

Esports can be played by teams or individual players depending on the gameplay and game theme. Here are some of the game types that you can play in esports:

  • Fighting games
  • First-person shooter
  • Multiplayer online battle arena
  • Real-time strategy

What games are considered esports?

Games with their own competitive circuit with a metric for performance are considered esports. It must have its own team or player rankings and organised events that follow a seeding and elimination system.

What esports can you bet on?

There is a library of esports you can bet on nowadays due to its growing popularity and massive community worldwide. Here are some of the most popular esports that you can bet on various bookmakers such as BC.GAME:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Mobile Legends
  • Call of Duty