What are your thoughts on initial coin offerings (ICOs)? Are there any you are interested in? In the future, the possibility of funding new initiatives and creating ventures on a global basis without the traditional limitations, is going to open up new opportunities for companies. However, investors will first have to swim in waters infested with unscrupulous people and their Ponzi scheme shitcoins. The primary purpose of an ICO should be to fund a worthwhile product or project that is already achieving success, not to “generate value” or “take growth to the next level.” I’m sure there are some that are very interesting, but at least 95% of the ICOs out there have none / very few of the basic fundamentals. Does that mean we should have a regulatory agency decide which ones are good or bad? No. It will require more maturity among investors in identifying Ponzis. The best way to learn which ICOs are worth it is to lose money. Waiting for the wash-out. When these people promise great riches, they usually mean for themselves. If you have a viable product… build it first and they will come! I do not treat these technologies as investments but learning opportunities.

This is part of a talk which took place on March 20th 2017 at the Singapore Management University for the Singapore Bitcoin & Ethereum meetups: https://www.meetup.com/BitcoinSingapore/events/237307480/

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