Evaluating the Quality of Your Stock Picks or Trades

Welcome to the Rapid Recap it is August 20th 2015 and today’s lesson is Evaluating the Quality of Your Stock Trades. I’m Sasha Evdakov and thanks for joining me.

Now this last couple of weeks we were actually away from the office area and we were spending some time in Canada so the Rapid Recaps and the things that I was working on maybe we’re not as good as I hoped and I had some ideas on our vacation to make things better so anytime that you go away I have a clear mental thought you know we were relaxing by the lakes going canoeing, kayaking, boating and celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary over there and also went to a war museum, light show and a lot of different things you can do a lot of things in two weeks and have really rebalance and recalibrate yourself.

Now still did have some stock trades that were on and just watching closely and carefully in the lot of those were based on the discussions that we’ve had before so we’ll go over a few of those positions but really about one main specific company or trade in particular. We’ll go over in detail about that but now that I’m back in the office area things are a little bit easier to work on in terms of video recording.

What I want to do is do something a little more visuals so what we’ll do is we’ll go through with the Rapid Recap and talk about the Dow Jones, S&P, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, CMG and Tesla and I want to incorporate some of these visuals here within today’s lesson as well and that is just because I know sometimes the Rapid Recaps, I don’t tie in as much of visuals that are to regular life as I do with other Tuesday lessons that we tended do or regular lessons on YouTube.

Today my goal is to make them a little bit more connected to the real world because I know sometimes the market can be confusing so I want to apply the lesson a little bit more visual if you’re members of the critical charts I posted some of these charts over there in the critical charts so go ahead and log in and check those out as well as the notes that are associated with them.

Today’s Rapid Recap our focus is really about evaluating the quality of your stock trades and based on how the market’s been acting and performing it’s no surprise that we get a little bit of a selloff. Now when it comes to the real world and the real world application of how we choose things based on quality you know not everybody chooses the cheapest thing and not everybody chooses the most expensive thing.

If that happened you know we would be wearing the same clothes just similar to the Waldo character over here so take a look here we would probably be wearing the same kind of close the same kind of jeans the same kind of shoes as everybody else if everybody shows the cheapest thing possible in terms of their buying selections.

This goes along the same thing with stocks that will apply to in a little bit so if we were to always choose the most expensive thing the same thing would happen is we would all be running and doing the same thing in terms of driving the same cars eating out at the same restaurant so because that doesn’t happen we all have a different evaluation of quality and what does quality mean to us so you have to remember if you’re asking me questions about which stock looks good I base it on my quality perspective you have to evaluate things based on your quality perspective when choosing stocks.

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